Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers

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Robin LaFever’s wrote one of my all-time favorite fantasy series, His Fair Assassin, about female assassins working from a nunnery. When I found out she was going to be expanding her series with this duology, I was so excited. I’ve missed reading new books from this author and can’t wait to see what she does with Courting Darkness.

 width=Title: Courting Darkness
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: Courting Darkness Duology, #1
Pages: 352
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Release Date: February 5, 2019

      “Death wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning…
      Sybella has always been the darkest of Death’s daughters, trained at the convent of Saint Mortain to serve as his justice. But she has a new mission now. In a desperate bid to keep her two youngest sisters safe from the family that nearly destroyed them all, she agrees to accompany the duchess to France, where they quickly find themselves surrounded by enemies. Their one ray of hope is Sybella’s fellow novitiates, disguised and hidden deep in the French court years ago by the convent—provided Sybella can find them.
      Genevieve has been undercover for so many years, she struggles to remember who she is or what she’s supposed to be fighting for. Her only solace is a hidden prisoner who appears all but forgotten by his guards. When tragedy strikes, she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands—even if it means ignoring the long awaited orders from the convent.
      As Sybella and Gen’s paths draw ever closer, the fate of everything they hold sacred rests on a knife’s edge. Will they find each other in time, or will their worlds collide, destroying everything they care about?”

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Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Title: Mortal Heart
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: His Fair Assassin, #3

Annith has been waiting years for a chance to serve Mortain, Death Himself. She has already bid farewell to two of her closest friends, Ismae and Sybella, and now she knows it is only a matter of time before the abbess sends her out on her own assignment. But when another novitiate is chosen, Annith is beside herself. She discovers the abbess has no intention of sending Annith out, but rather to have her serve as the next seeress. Determined to find out why, Annith leaves the convent on her own in search for answers.

“I do not know how long we ride –hours, it seems, although time has taken on an almost ghostly form…Every once in a while, the group breaks into four sections and appears to quarter the countryside, looking for prey.

I cannot help but be grateful that they are not hunting me. Or if they are, that they do not yet know it.”

The third book in Robin LaFever’s His Fair Assassin Trilogy, Mortal Heart, gives us an opportunity to peek into the inner workings of the convent that we only previous glimpsed in Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph. Annith’s experiences are a better representation of the convent, having been raised within its walls since she was an infant. The strenuous and often cruel relationship she endured under the former abbess, simply known as the Dragonette, shows both strength of character and an ability to adapt to rigorous expectations. Though seen as an obedient and competent novitiate, Annith struggles to accept the path the newest abbess has chosen for her.

Annith has spent her entire life with one goal: to became a handmaiden of Mortain’s. She has fought and excelled and when she has fallen short, she has always found a way to overcome. Her spirit demands more than a quiet life inside the convent and she is so deserving of it. There were several moments in Mortal Heart that turned Annith’s story upside down and had me wishing to turn to page one and reread the book again.

I loved seeing both Ismae and Sybella again, along with Duval and Beast. The conclusion of Mortal Heart has a definite final feel to the series, but I’m not sure I am quite ready to say goodbye to this world. There is so much to love about this series. I love reading about a world that doesn’t ignore women and how their strengths are represented in different ways. His Fair Assassin series’s original storyline, complex characters, and surprise revelations make it one of my favorites.

Rating: 5/5