Kernels of Nonsense: Keeping Up with Comments

Kernels of Nonsense is an original feature on my blog where I talk about random bookish and blogging related topics. Despite the fact that I haven’t posted one of these in a while, I actually have a few sitting in my drafts. It’s just been a matter of finding the time to edit and finding where to fit them into my blogging schedule. Today I’m talking about something we bloggers don’t really talk about a lot. Comments! I’m talking the stress that comes with keeping up with comments, how time-consuming comments can be, and what I’ve ultimately decided to do at this point in my blogging journey.

When I first became a book blogger, I wanted my blog to emphasize engagement. I wanted other people to comment on my blog and I wanted to show support to them by commenting on theirs. I ended up signing a “bloggers commenting back” pledge to signal my commitment to commenting. You’ve probably seen the widget on my sidebar at some point. I’ve met so many great bloggers through my blog’s comment section and theirs. One of the most rewarding parts of blogging is the interaction we have with others and discovering like-minded people and those in general who make us think deeper about what we are reading. I’m at the point where I’m more likely to view a blog post’s success based on the number of comments versus likes or views.

I’ve always said book reviews are the number one hardest post to put together, but when it comes to time spent on my blog throughout the week, I spend the most time replying to comments and commenting back. It doesn’t feel so overwhelming when there are only 5 to 10 comments I need to catch up on, but there are times when I’m away from my blog for a couple of days and I accumulate dozens of comments. When you factor in the time spent creating posts and reading, there isn’t always a ton of time to get to all these comments. I end up putting off something else in order to make sure I stay up to date. You might have noticed lately that I haven’t been as committed to my comments section. I can go a week without getting to comments on a particular post and occasionally I haven’t replied at all. This is completely unlike me, but something I’m trying to let myself do more of.

Sometimes replying to comments and commenting back on your posts is the only “blog hopping” I get to do throughout a given month. I always feel like a bit of a bad blogger when I’m not initiating interactions with you, but sometimes it’s really difficult to find the time when all my free time is being sucked up by the various aspects of blogging. I wish I had more time to explore your book reviews, recommendation lists, discussion posts, etc. But time always seems to slip away.

So I’m going to be making the conscious decision to cut back on my commenting back. This doesn’t mean I won’t be commenting back. I will still be doing this, but I don’t want to keep stressing about it. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to catch up on comments and when a few days go by, I feel so overwhelmed trying to get a reply and blog visit plus comment in for everyone. If I don’t reply to comments on my blog, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen them. I might end up resorting to the like button to show you I’ve seen you. I’m not exactly sure how this will all translate, but I do want you do know that I’m still committed to visiting back even if I don’t always do and even if I don’t reply to your comments here. I’m hoping this means I have more time to blog hop because it’s one aspect of blogging that I’ve always wanted to be better at.

I low-key worry about the bloggers who won’t comment on my blog anymore because they can no longer count on me commenting back on their blogs, but there is nothing I can do about that because this decision is about me and how much I believe I can handle.

Do you ever stress about comments? What’s your policy on commenting back? Let’s discuss in the comments.