FLYTIP: Font Fervor

FLYTIP is an original feature hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF in which she generously shares free blog graphics and advice as well as taking part in related discussions. Every other Saturday, there is a different prompt that participants can take part in, so be sure to check out her site for more info. Lonna is also running a giveaway for those who participate through the end of December. This week’s topic is: FLYTIP: Font Fervor || How do you enhance your blog through fonts? Where would you recommend looking for fonts?

I confess that I suggested this topic because I’m actually really curious to see what kind of resources other bloggers use when it comes to fonts. I’m in no way graphically inclined. When I first started this blog, my graphics were extremely rudimentary. The only reason my blog looks the way it does is thanks to canva. I try to stay consistent with the fonts I use for blog graphics. Below is a look at the most common ones I use.

I use Libre Baskerville for my blog header title because although I do like pretty cursive-like fonts, I find this one to be very clean and clear for my purposes. I also use this one to title many of my post graphics including monthly wrap-up and book haul posts.

There is something very simple yet concise about Playfair Small Caps. I think I like this font a lot because I tend to write in all caps in my blogging planner. I use this in various blog graphics (including the graphics for this post) because it’s a compact font that allows me to include longer descriptions or titles.

This is my favorite of the fonts of most commonly used. Princess Sofia can be found in my header and in my sidebar. I find it to be really elegant and just plain pretty. I have zero experience with calligraphy (unlike Lonna, you’re amazing!), but if I did, I’d want to be able to write like this.

Do you have a favorite font? What kind of resources do you use for fonts on your blog? Let’s discuss in the comment and leave a link to your own FLYTIP post in the comments if you participated this week.