The Hiatus is Over!

My blogging hiatus officially ended yesterday, but I ended up being really busy and didn’t have a chance to sit down and catch up on anything. I really enjoyed my blogging hiatus and ended up also taking a break from Twitter which sort of drove me crazy the first couple of days (my fingers were itching to open the app), but ultimately I think taking a break from both blogging and Twitter together was a good call. I’m still feeling my reading slump and didn’t read quite as much as I’d lhoped over the past week and a half, but I’ve kind of been dying to get back to blogging in general. I missed so many things about this community though and am ready to get back to discussing books with everyone. I will try to get to all the comments that I missed while away, but I do have a bit of blogging to catch up on including a couple of reviews, so don’t be surprised if I don’t get to them all. I hope everyone has had a lovely April so far. I’m so ecstatic to be back!


Hiatus Time!

Last November I took a necessary break from the blog for personal reasons. It was the first time since I started blogging that I chose to step away from the blog and the break was something I look back on fondly. Recently I’ve been struggling with blogging and reading. I feel like I’ve only been able to put in half the effort I usually do and it’s really starting to get to me. I’ve been feeling really scatterbrained over the last month and there are some days where I feel stretched so thin, it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything book or blogging related. All this is leading up to me taking a little blogging break. From April 12th through the 21st, I’ll be on hiatus. For me, this means I won’t be on the blog and I’ll be shutting off my WordPress notifications. I will have a couple of posts scheduled to go up while I’m away, but I won’t be responding to any comments until I come back. I will still be on Twitter. I haven’t decided how much, but I have no plans as of now to stay off it while on hiatus. If you need me, Twitter or email is the way to go.

Mini-Hiatus Announcement

I need some alone time. I need some time to process. I need…I don’t know. After a terrible night’s sleep, after I woke up realizing that last night’s election results were not in fact a nightmare, I feel so disheartened. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that a man that talked so negatively about so many groups of people can then be embraced by such a large portion of this country. I’m going to get a little personal. My grandfather is in the hospital right now. He’s my last living grandparent and they don’t believe he’s going to make it. Last night my father, along with his five siblings, spent the evening saying goodbye. When my grandfather was sixteen years old, he and his siblings left Mexico to come to this country for a better life. None of them were criminals or rapists, they were just looking for a brighter future for their kids and eventually their grandkids (and greatgrandkids while we’re at it, my grandpa has several).

All throughout this election process, I’ve heard Trump talk about Mexicans as though they were undesirables, something this country could do without, but I could not do without my grandfather. I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t take a chance on this country. I could go further back in my family tree and point out that my grandmother’s mother also came here from Mexico, that my maternal grandparents are both Mexican-Americans, that their genealogy can be traced back to Mexico and parts of this country that used to belong to Mexico. I’m not going to lie, this year’s presidential election felt like a slap in the face. This felt like people were unwilling to stand up for those who may not look like them, who may not have their same background, who just needed a helping hand. I was so willing to believe that we were a better nation than this, that our greatness came from a willingness to embrace all people from all walks of life. This election’s results prove otherwise.

I am disheartened, disappointed, and I feel entirely disrespected. Not just by Trump, but by all those who voted for him, by all those who refused to vote at all, for all those who didn’t believe he could win and so voted for a third-party candidate.

I’m taking a little break. I need a few days to process, to come to terms with the state of our country. Not everyone understands why this election’s results sting so much and I don’t expect you to. Not everyone and their families were villainized during Trump’s campaigning, but mine was. This is just a small portion of what is so demoralizing about this election, there are other groups of marginalized people that woke up today not feeling like their country was looking out for them. All I ask is that you let them mourn, let them vent, let them feel everything they need to. Please do not go on Twitter and tell them to just move on, to accept the results like they’re something that can be brushed off, to be nice and kind through all of this. Have some semblance of empathy and if that’s something you can’t do, then you are part of the problem.

The Hiatus is Over!

My blogging hiatus is official over! For those unaware, I took the last week off from blogging, but it’s a new day and I’m ready to dive back in. I stayed completely away from the blog and didn’t peek once at comments (though it was sometimes very tempting). The week ended up going by faster than I thought it would and while I am really excited to catch up on everything, the entire experience was really enjoyable and it’s a good bet I’ll be taking another hiatus in the future. Seriously, I think I got more blogging done preparing for this hiatus than I have in a while. Today and tomorrow, I’ll be doing my best to respond to comments left on the blog this past week and seeing what everyone else has been blogging about while I was away. Wow, I’m really stoked about this.

Officially on Hiatus!

It’s official, today marks the first day of my blogging hiatus. If you haven’t heard, I decided it was about time I took a week off from blogging. Have a look at my post Kernels of Nonsense: Blogging Hiatus Announcement to learn why, what I’m expecting from the break, and other details. I will not be blogging until Saturday the 24th, but I do have a couple of reviews scheduled to go up during the week. If you leave a comment on any of my posts, I’ll try my best to get to them all come Saturday. If you need to reach me, I will still be present on Twitter. Hope your week is as relaxing as I plan mine to be!