Review Policy

Please note that I am not accepting any requests for book reviews at this time (as of 10/2/14).


My Policy:

I rate books on a scale of one to five. My book reviews are always honest and I try not to be overtly negative. However, if there is something I didn’t like in a book, I will point it out. Likewise, I try to point out what I did like in a book even if I didn’t enjoy the book overall. I post my reviews on this blog, GoodreadsGoogle+, and Amazon. All my reviews are from books I’ve either purchased or checked out from the library unless otherwise stated.

For Publishers and Authors:

I am currently accepting book review requests. You can email me at with the title of your book and a synopsis. I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if I’ve accepted your request. If you need your book reviewed by a certain date, then let me know in your initial email, as this will affect whether I am able to review your book. Requests for reviews will be available within two months of receiving a book. Any ARCs I receive will not be sold for profit. Both published and indie authors are welcome to send me a request. I prefer physical copies of books, but will gladly accept eBooks in pdf for the time being.

Books I enjoy:

Young-Adult: Fantasy

Young-Adult: Science-Fiction

Young-Adult: Paranormal

Young-Adult: Horror

Middle School: Fantasy


Any changes I make to my policy will appear on this page.

~Alicia @AKernelofNonsense


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