Blog Hiatus Announcement

It’s time for a quick blog hiatus before the holidays take all my time away. I will be back at the beginning of December, so this isn’t a particularly long hiatus. Just want to give myself a little break before things get too chaotic and I end up resenting working on my blog. Also want to quickly let you know that while I won’t be leaving Twitter because of a certain new owner, I have started to follow people on other platforms just in case things go downhill very quickly. Going to quickly list where else you can find me. I also just started a tumblr again (kicking myself for deleting my previous account) and will probably need to reacquaint myself with the platform before really diving in, but you can also follow me there. See you all soon!

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Hiatus Announcement!

It’s that time of year, friends, when I hang up my blogging hat temporarily. It’s been a really enjoyable year in terms of reading and blogging, but there have also been times when I felt like I was hanging on by a thread. Learning to give myself a break from blogging has been one of the defining reasons why I am still here after 8+ years. Friends, if blogging is feeling like an obligation for you lately, I encourage you to step away for a bit. I will be away for the rest of July and into August. As of now, I plan on being back mid-August. This can change, of course, depending on how I am feeling. I will still be somewhat active on IG and Twitter, so if you need to reach me, you can do so on either of those platforms. I’ll see you all soon ❤