The Hiatus is Over!

My blogging hiatus officially ended yesterday, but I ended up being really busy and didn’t have a chance to sit down and catch up on anything. I really enjoyed my blogging hiatus and ended up also taking a break from Twitter which sort of drove me crazy the first couple of days (my fingers were itching to open the app), but ultimately I think taking a break from both blogging and Twitter together was a good call. I’m still feeling my reading slump and didn’t read quite as much as I’d lhoped over the past week and a half, but I’ve kind of been dying to get back to blogging in general. I missed so many things about this community though and am ready to get back to discussing books with everyone. I will try to get to all the comments that I missed while away, but I do have a bit of blogging to catch up on including a couple of reviews, so don’t be surprised if I don’t get to them all. I hope everyone has had a lovely April so far. I’m so ecstatic to be back!

Hiatus Time!

Last November I took a necessary break from the blog for personal reasons. It was the first time since I started blogging that I chose to step away from the blog and the break was something I look back on fondly. Recently I’ve been struggling with blogging and reading. I feel like I’ve only been able to put in half the effort I usually do and it’s really starting to get to me. I’ve been feeling really scatterbrained over the last month and there are some days where I feel stretched so thin, it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything book or blogging related. All this is leading up to me taking a little blogging break. From April 12th through the 21st, I’ll be on hiatus. For me, this means I won’t be on the blog and I’ll be shutting off my WordPress notifications. I will have a couple of posts scheduled to go up while I’m away, but I won’t be responding to any comments until I come back. I will still be on Twitter. I haven’t decided how much, but I have no plans as of now to stay off it while on hiatus. If you need me, Twitter or email is the way to go.

Spring Cleaning: Bookworm Edition

If you’re like me, when it comes to your books (physical, digital, or ones you only wish you had), you’re a little disorganized. I have an absurd amount of books on my TBR and this number just seems to grow every week. The books on my shelves have no real order and if I’m honest, I own far too many which I’ll probably never open again. My Goodreads shelves lack the kind of organization I see from other users, making me question my lackluster methods. And when it comes to knowing exactly what’s on my TBR, I don’t always know because my Amazon wishlists do not always match what’s on my Goodreads TBR. There’s also the blog to think about as well, I’ve been sitting on a number of posts and I’m not sure they’ll ever be ready to publish. So this month and next, I want to spend some time cleaning out and organizing my bookish life. There is obviously so much to get to, but I wanted to share ten ways I plan on tackling the disorganization and hopefully this gives you a few idea if you’re looking to do a little spring cleaning yourself.

1. Deleting Books on My TBR – If you have only 30 or 300 books on your TBR, it’s always a good idea to evaluate which books you really intend to read and those it’s okay to cross off.

  • What I’ll be doing: Going through the 380 books I currently have on my Goodreads To-Read shelf and delete books I know I won’t be reading. I’m hoping to bring this number way down (under 300?), though that might be too optimistic.

2. Organizing My TBR – Sometimes there are certain books on my TBR that I want to read before any others, but I’m not always good at keeping track of these and before I know it, a year has passed by.

  • What I’ll be doing: Creating a shelf of high-priority reads, so next time I’m trying to figure out what to read next, I’m considering these books first.

3. Book Unhaul  It’s time. I can’t recall when my last unhaul was, but I’m feeling the need to get rid of several books from my shelves.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: Asking myself the tough questions – Do I need this book? Will I reread this one? Is it important for me to keep an old favorite if I’m not really interested anymore? Will I ever finish this series and if not, why do I need to keep these earlier books?

4. Reorganize My Bookshelves – I’ve been meaning to move my books around. There’s really no set way I have them all set up and I’d like to change this.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: I’ve tried almost every way imaginable to organize my shelves and I think the one that works out the best for me is alphabetically. It may seem boring, but I like knowing where books are right off the bat rather than have to study my own shelves to quickly locate a book.

5. Clean Out Blog Drafts – I can’t even tell you how many of my blog drafts are actually posts I plan on publishing. I’m pretty sure some of them are titled but are completely blank.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: Completely all those drafts I have that are currently collecting dust. Deleting any I haven’t the time to do or are not interested in anymore.

6. Create/Organize Library Holds Lists – My library’s website allows me to create lists of items and I’ve been using this to try and keep track of books I’d like to request, but they are currently not as organized as I’d like.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: Creating several different lists to help me decide what to request for hold next. This should also help when I’m floundering about what to read next.

7. Reconcile Amazon and Goodreads Lists – I have several (small estimate, it’s probably in the dozens) books on one platform that aren’t on the other.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: Doing a lot of back and forth between the two platforms to ensure whatever books are on my TBR on one are also on the other.

8. Get Blogging Planner Up-to-Date – Whenever I get into a slump, I start slacking when it comes to my blogging planner. I have been slacking big time.

  • What I’ll Be Doing: Take some serious time working on my blogging planner. The farther ahead I plan, the better.

9. Put Unwanted Books Up For Sale – This is something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, but I’m thinking of putting the books from my unhaul up for sale.

  • What I’ll Be Doing – I’m giving myself until the end of summer to sell any books I can and whatever is left over, I’ll be donating. I really have no idea how I’ll be doing this, but if you have any experience doing so, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve been thinking of putting them up on, Amazon, or setting up a Paypal account and doing it myself.

10. Lowering the Number of People I Follow – Do you ever look at your Twitter, Bloglovin, or WordPress account and wonder why you follow so many people if you don’t interact with them?

  • What I’ll Be Doing: I’ve already started cleaning out my bloglovin account. It’s actually kind of sad seeing how many bloggers I still follow whose blogs are no longer active. I also want to evaluate who I’m following based on if we interact and if I ever visit their blog. I really want to clean up my feeds, so the people and blogs I’m interested in following don’t get lost among the ones I’m not.

Are you planning any Spring Cleaning this season? When’s the last time you did a book unhaul? How do you organize your TBR list? Have you ever sold any of your books online? Let’s discuss in the comments!