Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Series I’d Like to Finish Sometime Soon

Top Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and is currently being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is “Series I’d Like to Start/Catch up on/Finish.” I am actually not a fan of doing these kinds of posts anymore. Mostly because they make me feel very disorganized, chaotic, and disappointed in myself. I should not have this many series on my shelf that I haven’t finished and yet here we are. I never learn and I just end up picking up more series and falling deeper into a hole that I will probably never crawl my way out of. I suppose on the bright side it means that I always have something to read. Featuring the next book or last book in these series I need to pick up. Feel free to bully me in the comments about these. Covers linked to Goodreads.


1. The Empire of Sand by S.A. Chakraborty

2. Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee

3. Prime Deceptions by Valerie Valdes

4. The Bronzed Beast by Roshani Chokshi

5. Stormsong by C.L. Polk


6. Dragonblood Ring by Amparo Ortiz

7. Godslayers by Zoe Hana Mikuta

8. Incense and Sensibility by Sonali Dev

9. Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse

10. The Oleander Sword by Tasha Suri

Which of these should I pick up first? Do you also have too many series on your shelf that you haven’t finished? Let me know in the comments and be sure to leave me a link to your own TTT post, so I can visit!


52 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Series I’d Like to Finish Sometime Soon

  1. Don’t lose heart! I have MANY started and pending series as well – some I may get back to and others not. BUT, I also have Jade Legacy on my list. I zoomed thru the first two and now it’s been so long I don’t think I’ll remember all those characters! And yet, there are new series to begin. Sigh. 🙂 Good luck and happy reading.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

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  2. You are not alone in having lots of unfinished series. I seem to be in the habit of coming across series that have been going for some time and almost never starting with the first book. For example I’m currently reading a book by a new to me author which is number 21 in the series!

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  3. I will not bully you because I am the same way! I start a lot of series and then move on to something else. Sometimes you need a break, sometimes the next book isn’t out yet – nothing to feel bad about!

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  4. don’t feel bad at all Alicia, honestly, I’m with you & especially struggle with actually starting series! Though I try to look at it as always having that extra time before going on that last adventure with my favorite characters. I’m so excited to start Valeria & Tasha’s series once I’m in a fantasy mood again! 😍

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  5. You’re definitely not the only one with those mixed feelings whenever I think of all the series I haven’t finished yet. I totally forgot about Oleander Sword but that’s one of the books that I’ve been meaning to read too! 😂 Also, I kinda don’t blame you for not picking up Jade Legacy yet—it’s AMAZING but far out! The cries I cried!! 😭 Fonda Lee knows how to gut me!!!!

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  6. Okay, what you said at the beginning about feeling disappointed about how many series are on your shelf, resonated with me so much!! But as you say, we never run out of reading material.

    The Empire of Sand and Jade Legacy are series that are on my wishlist, but I’m trying to wait to buy/checkout any more series until I get through the ones I have.

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  7. Of the ones here I’ve read… Stormsong was disappointing overall (the entire trilogy), even though the concepts behind the story were very interesting. I really liked Incense and Sensibility — in fact, it might be my favorite of the series. Good luck with all these!

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  8. Great post!

    lol, I am the same way when it comes to book series. I am currently reading the last book in The Summer I Turned Pretty series, and this will be the first book series where I actually finished reading the whole series.

    I was at the bookstore recently and saw Crooked Kingdom on sale. Even though I haven’t even started reading the Shadow & Bone series or Six of Crows yet, I still bought Crooked Kingdom because I figured I’d eventually get around to reading the series, lol. I just can’t pass up on a book sale, lol.

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  9. The Bronzed Beasts was on my list this week too. I also have a lot of unfinished series on my shelves, particularly from the last couple of years where I’ve turned more to audio than physical books for my reading but I take heart in the fact that books aren’t going to go anywhere and they will always be there for me when I’m ready for them, so there’s really no reason to feel bad!
    My TTT:

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