Book Lists: 2022 Adult Horror Novels on My TBR

Horror is having a kind of renaissance in publishing right now and I cannot be more excited. I have always loved horror movies and shows, but I never really got into horror until last year. I have been missing out on so much fun. Horror is one of the genres I really want to explore more of in 2022, especially adult horror. I have a ton of adult horror on my TBR that releases this year, so I thought I would share with you the ones I am most excited for. Note that Don’t Fear the Reaper by Stephen Graham Jones’s release date has recently been moved to 2023, but I am still keeping it on the list. Covers/titles are linked to Goodreads.

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1. Devil House by John Darnielle

2. The Violence by Delilah S. Dawson

3. Dead Silence by S. A. Barnes

4. Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin

5.Sundial by Catriona Ward

6. And Then I Woke Up by Malcolm Devlin

7. The Fervor by Alma Katsu

8. The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

9. Hide by Kiersten White

10. Jawbone by Mónica Ojeda

11. What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher

12. The Doctor of Doctor Moreau by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

13. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Stephen Graham Jones

14. The Legacy of Molly Southerbourne by Tade Thomas

15. How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendix

16. House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson

17. Cherish Farrah by Bethany C. Morrow

18. Where the Black Stars Rise by Nadia Shammas and Marie Enger

19. When Other People Saw Us the Saw the Dead edited by Lauren T. Davila

20. The Devil Takes You Home by Gabino Iglesias

21. Piñata by Leopoldo Gout

22. Juniper & Thorn by Ava Reid

23. You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood by Eric LaRocca

24. Jackal by Erin E. Adams

Do you enjoy adult horror? Which of these are also on your TBR? Let’s discuss in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Book Lists: 2022 Adult Horror Novels on My TBR

  1. Horror books are really not my jam because I’m *the ultimate chicken* but I have to admit that I’m really curious about The Hacienda and Juniper & Thorn! I might be able to handle the latter but not sure about the former 😂 I hope you enjoy all of these books though and happy reading!

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  2. I do love adult horror, and have a bunch of these on my TBR list for this year including What Moves the Dead, The Hacienda, The Daughter of Dr Moreau, and the Grady Hendrix book. Can’t wait! I have already read Cherish Farrah and well… let’s just say I’d be interested in hearing someone else’s perspective on it. This is a great list! I’ll have to look into more of these!

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