Monthly Wrap-Up: December ’20

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry that 2020 is over. What a mess this year has been and yet I know just because it’s not 2020 anymore, all our problems aren’t automatically solved. Last month I only read two books and I bested that this month by reading three! I honesty don’t know how I read so little, but am not going to stress too much about it. I will say that I was hoping to get to a couple of books before the end of the year, but didn’t. Crossing my fingers that I can get to them this month. I don’t have any definitely plans for 2021 reading challenges, but that might change. I usually end of signing up for challenges after seeing fellow bloggers’ sign-up posts.

(Book covers below are linked to my reviews, unless otherwise specified.)Β 

Favorite Book This Month:

All three of my reads this December were four-star reads, but my favorite was A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown based on the ending alone. I talk about this in my review, but this first book sets up a potential enemies to lovers story for the sequel (or maybe I am just being hopeful because I love the two leads so much). I just love when authors surprise you by taking a story in a different direction than what you anticipated and the new prospect actually exciting you more than what you imagined in your head. Review for this one will go up as soon as I find the time to edit it. Cover linked to Goodreads.

Least Favorite Book This Month:

No book received lower than three stars from me.

Reviews Posted This Month:

(Covers linked to reviews)

Notable Blog Posts:

Book List: Looking Ahead at 2021 Preorders – In December I wrote a post highlighting the books I’ve already preordered and why.

Top Ten Tuesday: My Five-Star 2020 Reads – This post is a must as I discuss all thirteen of the five-star reads I had this year and why I loved them.

2020 End of the Year Survey – My favorite recap post for the year is up and it’s been such an enjoyable reading year. Find out what my favorite reads are, books that broke my heart, my favorite ships and more!

What I Watched/Am Watching:

Marvel Marathon – Okay, so I watched most of the Marvel movies in December ( I have four left) and this might explain why I didn’t read so much. A lot of these were movies I had only seen once, so it was interesting to visit them and see the little bread crumbs left behind. The favorites remain Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Captain America: Civil War.

Mr. Sunshine – Someone help me, this might be my all-time favorite K-Drama by the time I finish. The leads literally meet when they are both trying to assassinate the same man and later on discover each other’s identities. I couldn’t find a gif of the rooftop chase that follows their first meet but it is magnificent. Every slow motion shot in this drama is art. This is my first historical K-Drama and it will not be my last.

January Releases I’m Excited For:

Did you read a lot in December? What reading challenges are you doing this year? Let’s discuss in the comments and feel free to leave me a link to your own wrap-up post and I’ll be sure to visit!

17 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: December ’20

  1. Great wrap post! A Song of Wraiths and Ruin is on my (2021) TBR, can’t wait to get to it!
    Love the Marvel Movies too – I challenged myself to watch them all in chronological order rather the release date order to see if the overall story made sense… I’m not totally sure it did to be honest! πŸ˜‚ Happy reading in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great article! I didn’t read much last year. I ended up reading only two books. I read Little Fires Everywhere and All The Bright Places. I definitely hope to read more this year.


  3. I’m glad you aren’t stressing about not getting to books–this is a hard battle for me too. I loved Clap When You Land and The Sound of Stars! I have a copy of your favorite book for December, but haven’t got to it yet. Hope your January is going well!


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