Monthly Wrap-Up: April ’20

March crawled by at the slowest pace imaginable, but I completely lost track of time in April and before I knew it it was over. I only read five books, but still consider this a win since three of them were ARCs. Speaking of ARCs, I am going to limit myself to one ARC for May. I love ARCs but the looming deadline to get them read and reviewed stresses me out. I spent the last week of April not knowing what to pick up because I’ve had so many ARCs I needed to pick up and now I suddenly don’t. It’s on odd feeling. I have an upcoming Talk Chisme to Me post that’s gotten smaller and smaller (because of release dates being postponed), but I am still looking forward to sharing. I am still watching K-dramas because it is currently my happy place. Note that I am always looking for recommendations! I have no idea what I will be doing in May. My birthday is in a week and I will be making myself some cupcakes, but that is where my plans end.

(Book covers below are linked to my reviews, unless otherwise specified.) 

Favorite Book This Month:

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic was my favorite read in April and this year so far. I spent two days on my review and already have plans to reread it before its release because I want to make sure my review is perfect. I just want to bask in this book’s brilliance forever to be honest. Cover linked to Goodreads.

Least Favorite Book This Month:

No read received less than three stars.

Reviews Posted This Month:

Notable Blog Posts This Month + Looking Ahead:

Talk Chisme to Me: Upcoming April 2020 Releases – Don’t miss out on these releases by Latinx authors!

Future Nostalgia Book Tag – It has literally (no, not really, but kind of) been forever since I did a book tag. Check out this one!

Reading Challenges Wrap-Up: March-April ’20 – An update on my progress for the Year of the Asian reading challenge and the Con Sabor Reading Challenge.

Top Ten Tuesday: Middle Grade Novels on My TBR – Why are there so many charming middle grade novels out there and when will I find the time to read them all?

Latinx Book Club’s April Pick – The Latinx Book Club is doing something a little different. For the time being we will be hosting a readalong every other month. So for May, you can still read The Victoria in My Head by Janelle Milanes as we will keep discussions open throughout the month. Look for a announcement for our June pick mid-May. Find us online: Twitter/Goodreads.

What I’m Watching:

Because This Is My First Life – I had a few issues with this one, but overall I liked it. I really appreciate the girl friend group and am always a sucker for the marriage of convenience trope. I did appreciate the way it handled work place sexual harassment and loved that the female characters in this one were all different, but still remained supportive of one another.

Cheese in the Trap – I have a bone to pick with the writers of this show. This is the first K-drama that I hate watched. The lead male character is the worst. You can hate him along with me in the comments. However, do not speak a word against Baek In-ho. He is precious and I will accept no slander against him. He should have been the lead. He should have been the lead! I’m bitter. BITTER!!!

My Holo Love – Wow, listing all the K-dramas I watched this month might give me a clue about why I didn’t read a whole lot. Let’s pretend not to connect the dots. This one was really cute but that last episode really had me in tears. How dare they.

Killing Eve: Season 3 – It’s back and I am so excited! That last episode had me screaming. If you have never watched this show, you need to binge it right now. It’s a cat-and-mouse game, it has assassins, and a hate/love relationship between the two lead women. You need to watch!!!!

May Releases I’m Excited For:

What have you been watching lately? Which May release are you most looking forward to? Let me hear from you in the comments and feel free to leave me a link to your own wrap-up post and I’ll be sure to visit!

55 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: April ’20

  1. Omg I need to catch up with Killing Eve!!! I’ve been wanting to watch Cheese in the Trap, but if the guy MC is how you say then I’m gonna pass. I have to read my ARC of Mexican Gothic!

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  2. I’m very excited for Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe! I’ve had it for a little while and I know it comes out next week, so I’ll probably be reading it this weekend!

    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll be reading Mexican Gothic pretty soon and I’m so excited!

    I’m going to have to try K-Dramas one of these days. I have recently been enjoying quite a few Korean movies – Parasite, Train to Busan, Oldboy, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds and its sequel The Last 49 Days. 🙂

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  4. I didn’t know you watch K-dramas! I’m watching Because This is My First Life right now and I really like it but oh my god I will fight the writers of Cheese In The Trap! How do you cast Seo Kangjoon and put him as the second lead?? Jung is awful and no one in their right mind would choose him over In-ho

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Gabi, yes! Jung is so awful and I hate that he literally never faces any real consequences for his actions. Some of those episodes made me so livid. In-ho was amazing and I cannot get over how much I think the writers wronged him. Right?! I enjoyed Seol except for her taste in men.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seol found out her boyfriend was the one who sent a stalker after her and she just… forgives him?? Jung is manipulative and awful while In-ho was ready to fight a guy for being rude to Seol before he even really knew her. In-ho and her had way better chemistry and the writers wronged him so bad! I think the most annoying thing is she chooses Jung and then doesn’t even wind up with him lmao.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Honestly? Wouldn’t recommend it. I’m watching it for the actors. The story isn’t great lol. I’ll probably watch Love Alarm next. There’s so many Asian dramas on Netflix and it’s how I’m surviving quarantine lmao

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  5. I’m happy that Mexican Gothic was as amazing as you had hoped.

    I only watched the first ep of My Holo Love so thank you for reminding me to get back to it.

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  6. Ahh, I feel the same way about ARCs. I try to limit my requests to books I’m really keen on, otherwise once there’s a deadline, it becomes too much like ‘work’. I’m also looking forward to Felix Ever After and The Henna Wars, as well as Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe cos I haven’t read it yet. 🙂

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  7. I totally agree about how March crawled, but April was over before I knew it. I meant to read some ARCs in April, but that just didn’t happen. I’m hoping to at least read 2-3 this month, so I can catch up. It looks like you had a really good April and read some great sounding books. I have Sal & Gabi and Incendiary on my TBR. I am really looking forward to Clap When You Land. I need to add Felix Ever After to my TBR, because it sounds like something I would really enjoy. I hope you have an amazing May! 🙂

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  8. A great wrap up as always Alicia! I can’t wait to read your review of Mexican Gothic, seeing all your tweets about it has me even more excited to read it! Also, it reminds me I STILL need to read Gods Of Jade & Shadow! 😭💚💖 Looking forward to your review!! 🎉💞

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  9. I hope you had a fun birthday and still celebrated as best you could during this pandemic. I read The Poet X finally and now want to read everything by this author.


  10. Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize Killing Eve had already reached season 3!!! I’m glad I can go to it for binge-ing though, I can’t wait! Sounds like you had a lovely April, it’s great that you’re limiting the ARC intakes. I’ve heard they can be pretty stress-inducing and with everything going on in the world, that’s not really something you need right now.


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