17 thoughts on “Off Tangent Thoughts Meme: A Totally Accurate Account of Me Receiving an ARC by My Favorite Author in the Mail

  1. I literally started screaming when I got an ARC of Girls of Storm and Shadow. I had requested to be on the blogger list months ago. I had been added, but I didn’t think i would receive any unsolicited arcs, as a small bookstagrammer. People in my timeline are getting ARCs. I’m thinking, maybe I can request one? Just maybe I have a chance. I decide I’ll write the email tommorow after school. I go to school, I get home, turn on my computer. My mum comes in “Sasha, there was a package for you” she hands it to me. I am expecting a book, so I open it happily. It is not the book I expect. It’s an ARC of Girls of Storm and Shadow. there, in my hands. I scream. A few days later, and email in my inbox inviting me to the bookstagram tour.
    Flash forward to now, I posted and squealed about it on my date, and I’ve been procrastinating finishing it for weeks.

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      1. I usually read sporadically but really want to find the time to sit down and finish this one in peace with my candle inspired by it πŸ™‚


  2. great post btw!! Very jealous. I requested an ARC but bc I’m in the UK, they don’t have the rights here. I’ve looked around and idk who’s publishing it here but I’ll probably preorder it soon!

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  3. I hope the author reads and appreciates the post, because I’ve not Googled McLemore to see who this person is…..

    Okay, back from Googling. I remember this author because they were talking about the title Blanca & Roja on Twitter. I think they were saying they should maybe use the English title? Perhaps I’m thinking of the wrong author….

    I would LOVE an ARC of whatever Sarai Walker’s next book is. Stabbity-stab for it.

    I was mega appreciative when Mimi Pond, who wrote the first-ever Simpson’s episode, agreed to do a Meet the Writer interview with me after I read her graphic novel Over Easy. I was so honored!

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  4. I have not, but I can understand your excitement. So far I have not gotten any of my favorite author’s ARCs, even though I buy multiple copies of all her new releases (gotta have it in Kindle and hardback, and sometimes in Spanish too), so they wouldn’t be out a sale by giving me one.


  5. Wahhh, I love this story! Especially since it’s about Anna-Marie’s new book *-* I’ve not experienced anything this wonderful, but I was Netgalley-approved for two books from a couple authors I similarly adore and that was insanely exciting, so I can only begin to imagine how exciting this would be, haha.


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