Off Tangent Thoughts: Thoughts You Have When You See Spoilers

I came across this meme on Camillea @ Camillea Reads‘s blog a few months ago and loved the idea so much, but never got around to participating. Off Tangent Thoughts Meme is hosted by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction and takes place every first and third Saturday of the month (but you can post anytime between prompts, which I am doing now). There is a very loose structure to this meme which I really love and which will probably be a challenge for me to embrace, but I’m going to do my best to do so. November 2nd’s topic:

Thoughts You Have When You Get Spoilers

(Do you accidentally or deliberately spoil yourself or do others keep spoiling books for you? Do you love or hate spoilers? You can even base off your post on that time you got spoiled for a particular book, series, movie or television show)

    • Spoilers are the worst and one of the reasons I avoid social media whenever a really big book comes out because people love sharing all their spoilery thoughts.
    • There are times when I just get super cynical and go on social media because I might as well get it over with. Being spoiled is inevitable.

  • When I do come across a spoiler, I become the embodiment of this gif because I don’t understand why you would deliberately spoil things for other people.
  • Please, please, please, at least give people a week before you start spoiling movies/books.
  • I know you are excited, but I am excited too, but I also want to be surprised like you were.
  • Why can’t you scream about that book in your DMs instead? That way you get to flail about your favorite and I don’t have to be spoiled.
  • Yes, muting you would be nice, but Twitter doesn’t care sometimes and when people start liking your spoilery tweets or quote tweeting them, I can no longer avoid them.
  • Yes, I do side-eye you through my computer/phone/tablet if you post spoilers. Maybe I don’t visit your blog for a while in protest. I can be very passive aggressive.
  • This post wouldn’t be complete without me admitting that sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, I will flip ahead in a book just to see where it is going and spoil myself.

What are your thoughts on spoilers? Do you go out of your way to avoid them? Do you mind spoilers? Does it affect your enthusiasm when it comes to consuming a book or movie? Let’s discuss in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Off Tangent Thoughts: Thoughts You Have When You See Spoilers

  1. I do NOT like spoilers. I like surprises in books and movies. I like trying to figure out whodunnit and where the plot is going next. When a review does include a spoiler, I super appreciate it when the reviewer gives us a warning first so i can skip over the spoiler part!

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  2. I started following a new blog not too long ago. The first post of theirs that I read was a book I wanted to read and was excited about. They spoiled the entire book — in fact, their “review” was more of a point-by-point description of major plot changes in the book beginning to end. In the comments, I basically wrote, “Ummmmm, scuze me??” and the blogger simply wrote back that it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t read their about section, in which they describe how they leave all their thoughts about a book and typically include loads of spoilers. My bad, but what is the point of such a blog??

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  3. Great post, I feel the exact same way about spoilers. My sister will intentionally look up spoilers to everything and I’m just in the corner like what is the point of even reado g watching it then when you already know the whole plot πŸ’œ

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  4. I actually don’t mind spoilers! On rare occasions I try to avoid them, but I’m more likely to seek them out! I think I’m just really impatient and I want to know things NOW!

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  5. I don’t like spoilers either!! My worst one was with the release of Cursed Child… There was an issue with Amazon orders, so mine came in weeks after it was supposed to. I was SO careful to stay off social media and avoid articles about the book. I went to dinner with my (at the time) boyfriend, and a woman at the table next to us was YELLING spoilers! I was livid!


  6. I actually love spoilers – they help me decide whether or not I know a book is going to be worth my time. I think I also just feel like I’ve been reading for so long, that there are only so many plot twists that could genuinely surprise me at this point, so spoilers aren’t a big deal.


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