Welcome to My New Blog…Kind of

Welcome to my new blog…kind of. If you visited my blog yesterday, you saw that I had planned to change things up. I originally was just going to go with a simple header, button, sidebar labels, and background change. So I did it, but then I wanted to see what other themes WordPress had to offer. I went through so many and finally settled on the one you are seeing now. I had to add another color to my header in order for the theme to really work for my graphics. I’m really satisfied with how everything came out. There are a couple of things I want to be nitpicky about, but I’m just going to go forward and see if these things end up growing on me. Also, I appreciated all your kind words yesterday. You all are amazing. And one last thing, isn’t my new button so pretty? I love it so much.

This is the last, last thing. For WordPress users, do you get conflicting follower counts? When I click on my blog on my phone is says one thing (specifically in the app), but when I look at my stats in the insights section it says another. Yesterday I discovered a completely different number when I was looking at my follow my blog by email widget. Anyone know which of these is the correct number?

Tell me what you think of the new layout! Have you ever gone through a dramatic blog change? Did you ever regret it? What do you wish you would have done differently? Let’s talk in the comments!

62 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog…Kind of

  1. This looks very nice. And yes, sometimes the followers on my PC say something different from when I look at WP through my phone or tablet. Plus suddenly today, the sidebar on the “My Site” page is all different, and you have to click on the arrows to open everything up. Strange…

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  2. I wish I had the graphical skills to make more changes to my blog (though I love my sloths, just want more headers). Nice job. The colors are very pleasant and the design is nice and clean.

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  3. Your new design looks fab! I wonder if the difference in follower count might be due to WordPress followers vs email + WP followers? WordPress often tells me one number, but then I have a few email followers too, so the total is actually slightly higher. Maybe this might be the same with you?

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  4. Aaaaw this looks great Alicia. And yeah the follower count is weird. I know that on the sidebar on my front page is just wp followers and on the dashboard they count email followers as well which is like 10 more or so.

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  5. Everything looks great! Making blog changes is an act of fear and frustration. I have something else I want to put up, but I’ve been putting it off, because I swear, I always end up in tears! Great job. πŸ™‚

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  6. Looking good! RE: Visitors, I definitely get some conflicting numbers sometime. Some people have pointed out the email followers, which accounts for some of it. I also have discovered that sometimes visitors unintentionally trigger every one of my images as a post to register as a separate view, which ends up spiking my page view count.

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  7. I don’t pay attention to the numbers on how many people are following me because so many spam accounts are following me. Anytime I write about a book that talks about fat women, or a book that has anything with sex in it, etc, I start getting these weirdos following me.

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      1. I’ve checked into blocking people before, but WordPress only lets you block certain people from commenting. If you want to block certain people, their idea is you should just make your blog private. That seems extreme.

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