Snapshot Review: Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

I know I’m not the only blogger who struggles with reviews. I’ve implemented the mini-review on my blog which has helped immensely when I just can’t get myself to write a full review. However, there are still times when I struggle to get my thoughts down. Since it is the start of a brand new year, I decided to try another review method which I am calling the snapshot review. It’s designed to help me convey how I feel about a book without being bogged down by a particular kind of format. Speaking of formats, I might tinker with this one throughout the year until I find what I’m comfortable with. You can still expect mini-reviews (though I might ultimately do away with them in favor of this) and full reviews from me throughout the year.

Title: Empire of Sand
Author: Tasha Suri
Series: The Books of Ambha, #1
Pages: 496
Publisher: Orbit
Release Date: November 13th 2018

      “A nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood. An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods. Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri’s captivating, Mughal India-inspired debut fantasy.
      The Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits, they are coveted and persecuted throughout the Empire for the power in their blood. Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember, but whose face and magic she has inherited.
      When Mehr’s power comes to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, she must use every ounce of will, subtlety, and power she possesses to resist their cruel agenda.
      Should she fail, the gods themselves may awaken seeking vengeance…”

swirl (2)

“The wind howled around her, threatening to throw her off balance. Dreamfire poured into her cupped hands. Her head tipped back, and her hood fell. She felt the wind catch her braid, making it lash out behind her. She closed her eyes tight.”

  • World-building – I loved Tasha Suri’s world. It was filled with magic, sleeping gods, and also touched on prejudices toward ethnic minorities.
  • Magical system – Some of the most gorgeous writing in this one was when Suri described the rites. These were different kinds of dances performed by the characters which function as both a prayer and a way to harness the power of the Gods.
  • Mehr – I loved following Mehr as she goes from her very confined life as the illegitimate daughter of governor to being turned into a pawn to finding the strength to embrace herself, both as a Amrithi woman with magic in her blood and a mortal with limitations.
  • Amun – I have a soft spot for secretly soft-hearted love interests. Though Amun at first comes off as cold, he is extremely patient and gentle with Mehr. Fans of the slow-burn, this book is for you.
  • Maha – The villain of the story is easy to hate, but also really interesting. He demands worship from his followers, though he is no God. His followers in turn are so taken with him, most being once lost children without a home, that any thought that he may be doing evil instead of good feels unfathomable.

  • No real complaints about this one, though I will say the end of a certain character came about really swiftly and I was hoping for a more epic battle with them in the end.

  • Tasha Suri’s Empire of Sand will surely sweep fantasy lovers off their feet. With beautiful descriptions and a harrowing journey at its center, Empire of Sand had me from page one.


29 thoughts on “Snapshot Review: Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

    1. I agree. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. In fact, the super cute images and banners to separate the pros and cons really captivated me! I know people don’t use old cameras (or have they came back in vogue? I can’t keep up), but it really reminds me that this is a SNAPSHOT of your thoughts. Nice job, Alicia.

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  1. I like this format! Sometimes, even with my long-form reviews, I don’t touch on everything I liked or disliked, and this seems to get you a lot closer to that. Great review! And another book I need to get to this year…..

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  2. First of all, I love mini reviews. I think they really challenge me to pinpoint what I liked or didn’t like in a book. Second of all, I am really happy you had such a positive reading experience. I love seeing 5-star reviews, because I believe we should read books that keep us entertained and leave us with a good taste in our mouths.

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  3. I enjoyed this review style. It was really quick and easy to access. Was it easier to write than a normal review?
    Also, I read Empire of Sand a few weeks back and loved it, glad you did too!

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