October Fright 2018: A Haunting We Will (Not) Go

Happy October, everyone! This month I am celebrating Halloween with some creepy posts and even creepier reads. I always like to put together at least a couple of non-bookish Halloween posts for your enjoyment. As much as I adore all thing strange and spooky, there are certain activities that the practical (slightly superstitious) side of me will never do. I enjoy scary stories, but I don’t desire to be a part of one. Thus the focus of this post: A Haunting We Will (Not) Go. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some creepy activities that I wouldn’t mind taking part in. Also, please don’t everyone praise my graphic making abilities at once (ha, they are so cheesy).

1. Spend Time in a Coffin – OH! I’m getting the chills just thinking about this. Ever since I became asthmatic, tiny closed spaces are a big no-no for me. Also, I can’t shake the fear that whomever puts me in said coffin might forget about me, play a joke and keep me in there longer than we agreed, the coffin lid will suddenly becoming stuck, and my favorite, discovering I’m in there with a dead body.

2. Hold a Seance – If there was ever a list to ensure you never ended up in a horror story, this would be at the top. No seance in a scary movie ever ended well. It doesn’t matter whether or not I believe in ghosts, spirits, or the like. With my luck, if I ever held a seance, I’d probably end up summoning a demon.

3. Play With a Ouija Board – Speaking of demons, I have never nor will I ever play with a Ouija board. When I was a kid, our downstairs neighbors had a Ouija board and wanted to try it and I was like no way, ain’t gonna happen, because even at eight years old, I knew you do not tempt the devil.

4. Take Part in an Exorcism – Exorcisms creep me out like you would not believe. Okay, confession time. I once found myself on a site listing top ten creepiest recordings and one of them was supposedly of an exorcism. I actually think I might still have it bookmarked because at the time I had to share my terror with other people. I haven’t touched it for years, but I still think about the voices on the recording and ah, I just got the chills.

5. Summon Bloody Mary – Another childhood story coming your way. When I was in elementary school, Bloody Mary was a big deal. I remember kids would go into the bathrooms, turn on all the faucets, flush the toilets, close the door, shut off the lights and chant Bloody Mary while looking in the mirror. I took no part in such tomfoolery. I remember not even feeling brave enough to do it at home. Still to this day, I have never tried this ritual and will go to my grave never having done so.

6. Spend the Night in the Woods – There are places that you don’t go because it is far too easy to get lost. Space. The ocean. IKEA. And the woods. This is especially true if I somehow end up on some foolish expedition in search of a ghost, witch, or abandoned cabin in the woods. At that point I’d just be begging to be killed.

What are some scary shenanigans that you would never partake in? Do we share any? Let’s talk in the comments!


23 thoughts on “October Fright 2018: A Haunting We Will (Not) Go

  1. Ouija boards and seances – definitely a bad idea, unless you want tho end up in a horror movie that is! I’ve seen so many horror movies and TV shows, I should be able to survive to the end of my movie – I hope! 😱

    The thought of spending the night in the woods doesn’t bother me all that much though. Probably because growing up I camped out in the woods near the house – it was always so cool any time I thought.

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  2. Yes to all of the above! All my friends wanted to take part in all these scary stuff back when we were kids and I was always the odd one out, always running the other way 😂

    Didn’t care to be called a wuss afterwards – better a wuss than haunted (or worse, dead!) I still won’t to this day… Some things are better left alone!

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  3. I love your graphic art skills. Spending time in a coffin reminds me of The Walking Dead when Sasha is transported in one and dies on the way to Alexandria. She wakes up a zombie and attacks Negan but fails to kill him. That was so disappointing. Did you watch that? Anyway I would never again play with a Ouija board. I got one for my birthday one year. Never. again. It’s bad juju. In fact I would never do any of these lol. Wtf?

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  4. I remember I went to a haunted house a few years ago and they had a coffin you could stay in while in line (with cameras inside the coffin). It freaked me out sooo bad. I’ve got asthma too and claustrophobia that shows up at really weird times.

    Did you read the Twitter Moment about the guy who played which a ouija board when he was a kid? Freaky stuff!

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