Kernels of Nonsense: In Which I Tell You How I Really Feel…

Kernels of Nonsense is now a place for discussion posts and any assortment of other random book & blogging related topics I come up with. This post was inspired by Amber Elise @ Du Livre‘s confession post Blogger Confessions. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read her candid confessions, I encourage you to do so. It’s so refreshing to see another blogger’s unapologetic take on certain subjects. The point of this post is to get a little more honest than I usually am and help you get a better glimpse of who I am as most of these are views are ones I rarely ever share openly.

When I was first inspired by this idea, I started a list of things I wanted to mention on my phone and so much just spilled out of me. I had no idea I felt so strongly about so many things. As it were, I will probably do another post like this one in the future, so this is just a tiny glimpse into some of my opinions.

1. Let’s just dive in. I sometimes wonder if Leigh Bardugo will ever write a book that takes place in a different world than her Grishaverse. I love Six of Crows. It’s one of my favorite books. When everyone was celebrating a Nikolai duology, I was sighing heavily, knowing I would need to go back and finish the Grisha Trilogy, so I’m up to date on the characters (but do I really want to?) when I really just want to see what she can do with a different world. I have all the books in the Grisha Trilogy, but the more time that passes, the less interested I am in having to read them.

2. I get really anxious about authors following me on Twitter for several reasons. First, if I haven’t read their book and end up hating it, chances are much higher they’ll see my negative review even when I don’t tag them in it. Second, what if they stop following me for whatever reason and I happen to click on their Twitter bio only to discover that they have in fact unfollowed me? Now I’m left to wonder why…what did I do?…what did I not do?…is it me?…is it them?…why????!!!!

3. This has happened on several occasions. I interact regularly with another blogger, but then they end up going on a long hiatus or just drop off the face of the earth without notice. They are gone for like a year. I then clean out my feed, unfollowing these inactive bloggers, thinking they’re never coming back. And then BAM. They come back. And I feel really awkward following them again because maybe they’ll think I never followed them in the first place or that I unfollowed them at some point because I was annoyed by them. What do I do?

4. I once won a book through a giveaway and never received it in the mail. I didn’t contact the blogger because it wasn’t her responsibility, it was the publisher’s, but I’m still really bitter about it. Here’s the kicker. I don’t actually remember the name of the book. I know I added it on Goodreads when I won, but off the top of my head, I just remember it was about a friendship between two girls. Yet, I still remain bitter. I will take this bitterness to the grave.

5. I love the idea of having a coblogger. I think if I found the right person, we’d do incredible things together. A weight would also be lifted off my shoulders and I wouldn’t have to worry about the blog being sparse because this perfect coblogger would carry her weight. Her reviews would always be thoughtful and put together nicely. We could play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses and create incredible content. In reality, I trust nearly no one. My philosophy is if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The only way it would be possible to have a coblogger is to have some kind of trial run where I could cut the strings at the end without feeling guilty (I will feel guilty because I want to be nice) because inevitably you’ll probably going to let me down (I know this because I’m really not nice).

6. Who decided enamel pins were the new thing? I have nowhere to put them and no real use for them. I think they’re okay, but I haven’t been caught up in the trend like everyone else. If I was a kid with a backpack, I could totally see the appeal, but as an adult, I don’t get it. Also, funko pops. I mean, they can be cute, but I can’t see myself spending money on them.

7. There is a really popular blogger who I see on my TL all the time and who rubs me the wrong way. I confess that the main reason is because they blocked someone in the community that I really respect and every time I see someone retweet them or like one of their tweets, I think about this. I should probably just mute them. Does this make me a horrible person that I just don’t think we’d get along well? I’m sure this person is nice enough, but I’m always thinking of how they blocked this other blogger because she asked them a question they didn’t like. Coward. That’s too harsh, isn’t it? I still think it though.

Have you ever made a confession post? Do you agree or relate to any of my views? Let’s discuss and feel free to share an opinion in the comments that you rarely ever talk about. I will only judge you a little bit.

30 thoughts on “Kernels of Nonsense: In Which I Tell You How I Really Feel…

  1. #1 made me cackle. I have only read (and absolutely loved) the SoC books, but you know what, if she still have stories to tell there, so be it. There are a few books I have put off reading, because I won them via giveaways and never received them. I, too, am bitter, but my rational side understands that it’s not the book’s fault. Politics are working my last nerve, so I stopped going to Facebook, and I muted everyone on Twitter, who constantly gets political, but then people will liked or re-tweet political stuff, and I like their personal tweets, but I don’t want to take any part in the Twitter cesspool stuff. So, mute it is.

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    1. I just think Bardugo is too talented an author not to have the chance to write something else. I don’t know if it’s the publisher pushing for more Grishaverse books or something she wants. I’m so glad I’m not alone in my bitterness. I also get a little bitter when I request from NetGalley and get denied. But like you said, it isn’t the book’s fault. Mute is a good way to curtail your TL.

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  2. You could always read the summaries of The Grisha if you want to read the Nikolai books, I mean… Totally allowed. Oh and to your 7, I feel you on there. There is one that is on my tl and I’ve tried, but she really gets on my nerves but everyone else loves her? So I just keep trying I guess haha.

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    1. I could read the summaries, but I feel like I’m just not invested enough in Nikolai to pick up the duology as of now. There are a couple of booktubers that just rub me the wrong way. I just do my best to avoid them. Can’t force myself to like someone, you know?

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  3. I loved reading this post, Alicia!

    I relate to a lot of the points you made, about co-blogging especially, and ahh now I’m really curious about who that blogger is. (Of course – no pressure to tell me!!) 🙈 I’m a bit confused, though, why do they still appear on your timeline, do you still follow them?

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  4. If I wrote a confession post, it would be about two things:
    1) simply, bloggers who have been at it for one year and write a big post about how to be a blogger. You’re new; you’re still in the “1-3 year disappear years” of blogging. Settle down.

    2) if I follow someone and write personalized comments on their posts, they should at least read one of mine to get a feel for it and follow me back if they like what they see. I’m always trying to make new blogger friends who are looking for more than a like for a like. I’ve even had bloggers who didn’t respond to my comments on THEIR posts. Why are you blogging? Why aren’t you on Goodreads? In college, when a professor wants to lecture and doesn’t want to hear students’ thoughts, we call that the sage in the stage. It’s not a compliment. Blogging has some similar folks.

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    1. That’s very true when it comes newer bloggers. I’ve been at it for a while and I’m not sure I have enough experience in all facets of blogging to offer expertise.

      Sometimes I do a bunch of blog hopping where I comment on blogs I haven’t before and if they don’t comment back on my blog, I feel like it was almost a waste of time. I want to engage with bloggers I haven’t before, but not everyone is on the same page as me. Sage in the stage. I can see that.

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  5. Love this post! I never know what to do when a blogger I follow goes on hiatus or disappears. Honestly, I follow so many blogs that sometimes I don’t notice at first, but then I do, and I’m like… should I stop following because nothing is showing up anyway? Or keep following and hope they come back someday and I’ll know? It’s a struggle.

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  6. I love this post! What an awesome idea! #2 I’ve never thought about, but makes total sense! That would kinda bother me too! #3 same, although I will usually KEEP following them, which on the one hand can be bad because I’m following an inactive account- and yes about the time I unfollowed is when they’d come back. Also sometimes you develop an easy friendship with a blogger, and then after a year hiatus or whatever- are we still friends ha ha???

    I don’t think I could ever do a co- blogger. I’m too much of a control freak/ OCD person maybe? Although I do think if you find the right person a co- blogger could be awesome! Just not for me probs. Also- I had a giveaway win take FOREVER to come once. It eventually came, but man I was sure that book was NEVER coming!

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    1. Thank you! That’s true. Past rapport made not be there after a year has past. You’re taste or their taste in books might have changed as well.

      Yes, it’s not just about trust it’s about control. I like being in control. I was waiting on a giveaway recently and didn’t think it was going to come because the person never responded after I replied with my address, but it did.

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  7. I relate to so many of these! Thanks for the #realtalk. I totally understand the appeal of a coblogger, but I too have the “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” mentality! Also I was just talking to my fiance last night about the enamel pin trend…I love them, but it’s also crazy to me that they just became the THING out of nowhere it seems?

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  8. I’m so uncomfortable when authors follow me. Like I love it because it’s fun to interact with authors and give them more hype, but I’m always afraid that I’ll read their book and really hate it. That happened with me and Adrienne Young. Unsure if she unfollowed me, I think I soft unfollowed her.

    And I’m not even motivated to read the Nikolai book. Bardugo is a talented writer but I think it’s time to say goodbye to the Grishaverse. I don’t need Nina’s story. I’m good!

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  9. I love this kind of post! So relatable! I wish more people would post confessions like this. I think we would all realize we’re not alone in certain opinions. I totally get what you feel about that giveaway! That happened to me a few times through LibraryThing and I still think about it angrily.. a lot. Probably more than I should. I love LibraryThing and I continue signing up for books through the Early Reviewers program but those few that I won but never received have me feeling bitter towards those particular publishers.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I think a lot of us feel maybe more negatively about things than we let on and if we were more open or at least open more occasionally, it would be something we could all bond over. I never knew how common it was to not receive a giveaway, but it seems a lot of us have experienced it.

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  10. Great post! The confession post idea is really interesting. I agree, I love Leigh Bardugo’s books, but it would be nice to see her write a new book/series from a different world.

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  11. I know exactly what you mean with the bloggers who drop off the map for ages…I’ve also been there with the giveaway prizes that I’ve never received. Once I even tried to contact them, but never heard anything back.

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