Kernels of Nonsense: Giving the Feature Both More and Less Direction

Kernels of Nonsense was originally created as a discussion feature that once upon a time was posted twice every month. Back when I was a newbie blogger, I thought it would be a piece of cake coming up with ideas and writing a discussion post every two weeks or so. And I actually succeeded…for a while. But blogging is a really time-consuming hobby and when it’s paired with reading (another time-consuming hobby), things don’t always come easy.

Soon Kernels of Nonsense was only a feature I posted once a month and can you believe it? That even became something I struggled to do. Over the past year and maybe even earlier, my discussion posts kind of became an urban legend. In 2017, I only succeeded in posting four discussions posts. That’s a far cry from the twenty-four a year I had going originally.

I’ve wanted to be able to have more discussion posts on my blog, but wanting something and having the ability and time to do so are two different things. I’ve come to the realization that I may never get back that same kind of enthusiasm (and let’s be honest, I’m not really eager to get back the stress either) that accompanied those regular discussion posts. I no longer feel comfortable giving myself a strict schedule with said posts and I feel even less excited about making myself write when the words just aren’t coming. As a result, I’ve decided to revamp this feature a little.

Kernels of Nonsense will still be the home of bookish and blogging related discussions, but I also want to allow myself the freedom of playing around with the feature more. There may be times where I simply talk about five recent books I’ve added to the TBR, or the fact that I happen to hate a certain element on book covers. They won’t always be long discussions and sometimes they may be incoherent (I get a lot of my ideas when I’m suffering a bout of insomnia and I’m not exactly lucid during those times). But there have been blog post ideas I’ve had that never really fit any of the features or memes I have on the blog and I’ve had no idea what to do with them. Hopefully, this will allow me to finally get to these ideas.

Ultimately, I am hoping that this feature appears on my blog more frequently. I can’t promise it will appear every month or even every other month, but I want it to be there when I’m struck with an idea or I’m struggling with writing reviews (this is me right now, I’m just sort of feeling bleh about them) and I still want content on the blog. Funnily (I can’t believe this is an actual word), I feel like this new direction captures the essence of “Kernels of Nonsense” more than my original vision.

Do you write discussion posts regularly? Do you ever struggle putting discussion posts together? Is there a new feature on your blog that you want to try out this year? Let’s discuss in the comments!

35 thoughts on “Kernels of Nonsense: Giving the Feature Both More and Less Direction

  1. I really want to go back to writing Feature Shelf. I even have a few in the can but haven’t posted them because I used to do them as videos. I used to do discussions too, but also in video. It’s just so hard to keep up with; I completely understand.

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  2. I have the same problem with just not having enough time to write discussion posts. I had this dream like two years ago that I would post a discussion post at least once a month and it would be awesome because they’re my favorite posts to write (they still are!) but I just didn’t have the time to dig into it. I have this whole Word doc dedicated to all my discussion ideas but I just don’t have time. This is a really good idea though, not necessarily limiting yourself to a meaty discussion post and just doing what you can when you can.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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    1. I used to keep a notebook of discussion post ideas, but when I stopped writing them so frequently, I kind of neglected it. I have been working on ideas since for this particular feature since I decided to revamp it. Yeah, I figure giving myself the breathing room will actually result in me producing more content.


  3. I haven’t done a discussion post on my blog yet just because I haven’t sat down and thought about a topic to discuss, but I’m hoping to do one in the near future once I come up with an idea! Lovely post 🙂

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  4. It is definitely difficult coming up with ideas for discussion posts. Sometimes I will get a burst of inspiration, but mostly it’s feelings of not being able to come up with anything original. I probably do about one a month.

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    1. It can be a struggle to come up with something unique. There are really creative bloggers out there that I just marvel at their ability to come up with such awesome ideas. I think once a month is perfect because you don’t have to stress too often about coming up with and writing about a topic.


  5. I can relate to this so much. Oddly enough, once I changed the focus of the blog to just whatever I felt like talking about instead of solely book related, I’ve had an easier time coming up with topics to write about.

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  6. I do write discussion posts regularly… Every Thursday, that is. But I struggle with it a lot. Sometimes it’s not just an issue of coming up with an idea, but sometimes the issue is giving the idea a structure and putting up a post for it. Some ideas don’t always require a lot of material, whereas some require deep analysis. So it’s basically a mix and nothing really is constant. I’m looking forward to whatever new things you’re going to bring to the blog 🙂

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  7. I do write discussion posts regularly but it is both time consuming and mentally exhaustive. Some days I just don’t have anything to talk about! So, to help out with that, I’ve checked out a few discussion memes. I’m also not exerting myself to reach a word limit for my discussions.

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  8. I hear ya! I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule, but I’ve also found that it’s just not worth the stress! I’ll just post whenever I happen to have something ready 🙂

    Take care of yourself ❤

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

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  9. I also struggle with coming up with discussion post topics. I don’t force myself to write them unless an idea strikes because, well, if it’s not coming naturally, then it’s not going to be a very good post. For me, it’s like either I’ve already written or already seen other bloggers post about so many different topics…I don’t know how people are still coming up with so many and on such a consistent basis! How can one person have so many things to talk about?? Lol.

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  10. I don’t do many discussion posts, but I have a plan to write several this summer and save them for the school year when my reading decreases. There are blogs that share their ideas for discussion posts beyond the top ten Tuesday people, and I’m looking for them! Usually, blogs run by more than one person have good lists. Those team efforts lead to longer survival, I think.

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    1. I am looking forward to these discussion posts! Yes, there are a couple of other memes that I eyed doing to give my blog more content when I’m not writing a review, but ultimately decided with the other memes I do, it would be best to turn my discussion feature into a broader one. Yes, I sometimes dream about being a part of such a blog.


  11. I used to write discussion posts ALL THE TIME but they’ve just been so time consuming lately, especially given that I’d ideally want to interact with the comments in a timely manner but I don’t always have time to do that, as almost all of my blogging gets done on the weekends and posts get scheduled out in advance. I’d love to have a burst of creative energy and start doing discussion posts again, but it also feels like so many topics have been exhausted at this point!

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    1. It’s so hard to come up with unique discussions, especially when you’ve already done so many yourself and you’ve been around the book blogging community long enough to see a bunch. And yes, comments are hard to keep up with and in the case of discussion post, one of the best parts is seeing what other people think.


  12. I totally relate to this! Many times its working out a discussion post… or posting all the other posts I have for the week. So in that tug of war the discussion post loses. I have reviews to write and I don’t want to sacrifice reading… I hope this works a lot better for you! 😀

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