Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Romantic Movies I’ve Never Seen

Top Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. and is currently being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is “Love Freebie (Romances, swoons, OTPs, kisses, sexy scenes, etc.).” So I’m going to do something way different this week and I’m listing popular romantic movies that I’ve never seen. I’m including the things I do know about these movies which isn’t much. Prepare to be shocked. I am shockingly clueless. Also including a few random gifs of these movies and my reaction.

1. Dirty Dancing – I know there’s dancing and that one famous line “No one puts Baby in a corner,” but that’s pretty much it.

Dirty Dancing gif reaction: Kind of looks like fun.

2. Notting Hill – Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant star in this one. It takes place in the U.K?

3. Love, Actually – There’s that one scene where Rick Grimes is holding a sign.

4. The Notebook – This movie is the reason so many find Ryan Gosling attractive. I have never seen it, so it may explain why I don’t find him very attractive.

The Notebook gif reaction: This…I…don’t think this is a good idea.

5. Moulin Rouge! – There is music in this one and Nicole Kidman. Also, didn’t know there was an exclamation mark until I looked up how to spell it.

6. Two Weeks Notice – Sandra Bullock is Hugh Grant’s personal assistant? She doesn’t feel appreciated and gives him her two weeks notice, but he then discovers he’s in love with her? I don’t know, sounds like he doesn’t deserve her in the first place.

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Both leads are trying to make the other break up with them. I’m pretty sure this is accurate.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days gif reaction: I know who wins. It’s about winning, right?

8. The Time Traveler’s Wife – There’s time-travel. They somehow fall in love despite him traveling in time unexpectedly. This doesn’t sound ideal for a relationship.

9. Step Up – Another dancing movie. That’s all I got.

10. Definitely, Maybe – Little girl doesn’t know who her mother is, so Dad decides it’s a good idea to tell her stories about each of the women that could be her mother, further compromising this girl’s emotional stability. I think I made that up.

Definitely, Maybe gif reaction: I like her.

Now’s your chance to convince me to watch or not watch any of these movies. Any popular romantic movies you haven’t seen? Leave me a link to your own TTT post in the comments, so I can visit.


74 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Romantic Movies I’ve Never Seen

  1. AW!! Love this topic – and I spy so many favorites on this list. I saw “Dirty Dancing” in more recent years for the first time. It’s ok, but not a oh-my-gosh favorite. I do like “Two Weeks Notice,” ’10 Days’ and “Step Up.” For all their flaws, they’re so much fun. Never saw “Love, Actually,” and really don’t care about “The Notebook” despite its high praise. Hope you enjoy some of these if or when you see them, Alicia.

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  2. Alicia! What a great list. Your comments made me laugh so much. I haven’t seen most of these either. I’ve seen the Rick Grimes holding a sign gif but never knew which movie it was. Two Weeks Notice doesn’t sound like a good one lol. I liked the Notebook but I don’t find Gosling all that attractive either. I’ve seen How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days so many times. Plot-wise/writing, it’s not very good but it cracks me up. Time Traveler’s Wife was really sad but the book was better. Definitely, Maybe was pretty funny but kind of forgettable. I understand why you haven’t seen these movies lol

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  3. I’ve seen most of those, have not seen The Time Traveller’s Wife (but read it) and have not seen or read The Notebook. I LOVE Love Actually, even though Rick Grimes holds a sign. And all three: Moulin Rouge, Notting Hill and Dirty Dancing filled my stomach with butterflies when I was a teenager!

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  4. I like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, though it is silly. During the summer, I work in a dorm at an all-women’s college, and they have posters up everywhere about stalking. One year, the posters featured movies that people think are romantic but actually exhibit signs of stalking, thus demonstrating that movies are encouraging us to think semi-stalking behaviors are romantic. The main example: the one with Rick Grimes outside the lady’s house. I haven’t seen the movie, but I believe she’s married and her husband is right inside the house?? And she’s told Rick Grimes to GTFO several times?

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  5. Ha ha I’ve seen almost all of these, bar two! Moulin Rouge is my absolute favourite movie, I watch it every Valentine’s (and my birthday, and basically all the time), it’s so good, so sad, but the music amazing, the costumes are incredible and it’s just a really great movie. Definitely, Maybe is really cute too (and the little girl does know who her mother is, her parents are getting a divorce and her dad is telling her the story of how they met, just wanted to clarify that). How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is another of my favourites, it’s kinda silly but really fun. Dirty Dancing is okay, but not my favourite of the movies on your list. Love, Actually is also fine but some of the romances are actually a bit twisted if you concentrate on them too closely! Notting Hill and The Time Traveler’s Wife, IMO are not worth watching. Notting Hill is boring and The Time Traveler’s Wife book is way, way better than the movie. Sorry for the long comment!
    My TTT:

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    • That you so much for clarifying that about Definitely, Maybe. I’m really only going on the trailers I saw years ago. I think I might watch How to Lose a Guy tonight. It looks a ton of fun. I’m hearing a bit about these not great relationships in Love, Actually. You are the second to express her dislike of The Time Traveler’s Wife movie. Will stay away from that one. Not at all. I enjoy the long comment!


      • No worries, didn’t want you going into watching it thinking it’s something totally different than it is. Oh it’s great, I hope you enjoy it! Yeah, people give them a pass b/c it’s a cute Christmas film but there is some seriously dodgy stuff in there. Definitely, it’s not worth the time and irritation! I’m glad 🙂

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  6. I haven’t seen a lot of these films either but the one I have, Moulin Rouge, I absolutely loved. Mostly because of the singing I’m sure.

    I keep seeing Definitely, Maybe on Netflix and wonder if I should watch it but there always seems to be something a little more interesting on 🙂

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  7. My unpopular opinion: Dirty Dancing and Love Actually are overrated! *GASP* *SHOCK* *HORROR* 😮

    I absolutely ADORE Notting Hill and Two Weeks Notice! (Do I have a thing for Hugh Grant in romantic comedies?)

    I HATE HATE HATE HATED Moulin Rouge, but in full disclosure, I HATE HATE HATE HATE musicals.

    Definitely, Maybe is totes adorbs!

    I used to really enjoy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but I haven’t watched it in a while, so I’m not sure if I would still feel the same. I think it would be one of my problematic faves…LOL

    Step Up surprised me by being a dance movie with very little dancing that left me underwhelmed.

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  8. I watched way too many of them 😀
    You should try ‘Love, Actually’ 🙂 It’s super fun & adorable and has ALL THE ACTORS 😀 It’s such a great movie, I have to watch it every year at Christmas time! And I tear up every time as well!

    ‘Notting Hill’ I enjoyed as well 🙂 And ‘Dirty Dancing’ I only watched because it was my mum’s favourite. Was ok, but I don’t have to see it another time!

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  9. OMG some of my fave movies of EVER are on here. Stop what you are doing and go watch Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze is everything. It’s funny bc Hugh Grant probably didn’t deserve Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice, but Julia Roberts didn’t desever him in Notting Hill. Notting Hill is prob my fave movie you have up there. It’s kinda perfect and it’s Hugh Grant at his peak cuteness. Also, YES to The Notebook and NO to How to Lose a Guy– that movie got on my nerves.

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  10. haha I enjoyed reading this post and your reactions to the movie GIFs. I haven’t watched Dirty Dancing, I didn’t like Love Actually. I have watched The Notebook like 50 times lol. I love that movie.

    Interestingly, I don’t think of myself as a fan on anything romance but I have watched 5/10 of the movies on your list 🙂

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  11. Haha, this was fun!
    I have seen The Notebook and still don’t find Ryan Gosling particularly attractive.
    The only two I haven’t seen are Two Weeks Notice and The Time Traveler’s Wife.
    Out of the ones I have seen, I enjoyed Notting Hill, Moulin Rouge, and Definitely, Maybe the most. I honestly remember nothing about Definitely, Maybe except that I loved it when it came out. 😂

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  12. OH MY I don’t consider myself a romantic movie type of person but two of my top movies OF ALL TIME are on this list and I just HAVE to recommend that you watch them: Moulin Rouge! makes me cry EVERY. DANG. TIME. and I just looooove the music. EWAN MCGREGOR FTW. Though it makes watching Obi-Wan a sexual experience…. Also, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is, like, my all-time favorite chick flick from the 00’s… never have I seen a more sexy McConaughey. And Kate Hudson’s character was SO BADASS. She basically taught me how to be a woman.

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