FLYTIP: Make Your Mark

FLYTIP is an original feature hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF in which she generously shares free blog graphics and advice as well as taking part in related discussions. Every other Saturday, there is a different prompt that participants can take part in, so be sure to check out her site for more info. Lonna is also running a giveaway for those who participate through the end of December. This week’s topic is: FLYTIP: Make Your Mark || Bookmarks aren’t just for saving your place in a book. They are artistic expressions. Share your expression with 5-10 bookmarks.

I personally think that bookmarks are a really great way for bookworms to express themselves. Some of us don’t bother much with bookmarks and reach for whatever scrap of paper is available. Some of us have a beloved bookmark we use in every book we read. Some of us own an absurd amount and others only a handful. Below are some of the bookmarks I own.

I always smile when an order from Book Depository arrives and not just because it means book mail. One of my favorite things about this site is that they send you a bookmark with every book purchase. I personally don’t use these bookmarks, but keep them tucked away in the books they arrive in. And they’re always so darn lovely.

I don’t buy bookmarks, but I do make them! I fell down the rabbit hole that is bookmark crafting earlier this year and now have a box full of beads, far too much string, and stock paper to last me a lifetime. I actually find making bookmarks to be a really relaxing activity. I’ve been thinking of making a few and doing some kind of giveaway. Would you be interested?

This is probably the prettiest bookmark I’ve ever made. I purchased a craft hole puncher and used an old book to create the effect above. I haven’t used this bookmark yet, maybe because it’s too pretty or maybe because I have hard time letting go of my trusted purple bookmark.


Speaking of my purple bookmark. This is the one that I use every time I pick up a book. It’s a DIY bookmark that I originally made out of a gift bag. This is my third version of the bookmark. Yes, I still have a bit of gift bag left and will probably make another one when this one starts falling apart. Hoping this doesn’t make me sound too obsessive.

Do you have a favorite bookmark? Have you ever made a bookmark? Let’s discuss in the comment and leave a link to your own FLYTIP post in the comments if you participated this week.

14 thoughts on “FLYTIP: Make Your Mark

  1. I’ve been reading alot of ebooks as of late, so I haven’t been using my bookmarks, but when I do I use a custom made one I purchased from Marked By Mary. She uses this burn tool to draw whatever you ask onto the wood, and it’s sooooo pretty, definitely look her up if you haven’t already. I think a giveaway is actually a pretty good idea!

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  2. It’s funny how when you want a bookmark there’s never one around but when you don’t, they are just allll over the place ahaha. And I totes agree with you- the bookmarks are definitely one of the best things about receiving bookmail from Book Depository! YOU MAKE THE MOST GORGEOUS BOOKMARKS OMG!!! I love them, and yessss you should totally host a giveaway! xx

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  3. Yes and yes. =) I’m only just now getting a closer look at the purple bookmark and the peek-a-boo circles are so creative! I’d missed that looking at the image from my 2 tiny phone (mature eyes here). Thank you for joining me this week. And, I’d leave my link except you beat me to it, you, Flash, you.

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