12 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Comment Challenge: August Sign-up

  1. I’ve been wanting to join this challenge but never knew how to sign into it! 🙂 Blessed I was visiting Paging Serenity tonight who shared the link! 🙂 I love leaving long notes on bookish blogs – as I’m a bookishly chatty kind of gal! 🙂 I think this challenge is right up my alley! Plus, too – I do not always get a lot of comments on my blog (of late, I’ve noticed a nice increase) which is another reason I’d like to participate! 🙂 Sometimes you save these after thought notes to share with others but if no one shows up after a review or post goes live; they disappear into the void of time.

    So nice of you to link bloggers together! 🙂

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    1. Yay, I’m so glad to see new bloggers join the challenge. Connecting with other bloggers is really the most rewarding part of my book blogging experience. I hope you enjoy your partnership for August and that you get lots of long comments.


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