Armchair Book Expo: 2017 Wrap-Up

I’m so sad that Armchair Book Expo is ending. I had a great few days being introduced to new bloggers and putting together discussion posts. This year I was able to participate in all four Armchair Book Expo posts and be a part of three of the Twitter chats. Below is a quick run down of posts in case you’re interested in checking them out. If you didn’t participate in Armchair Book Expo this year, I hope you get a chance to next year.

Day 1: Introduction & Best Practices

I answer a few intro prompts as well as sharing my personal blogging practices when it comes to reviews.

Day 2: What Do Readers Want?

A quick discussion post on how our differing expectations for books affect how we receive them. Also touch on how important it is for me to feel an emotional connection with a book in order to truly enjoy it.

Day 3: Delving Into Diversity

This was my favorite Armchair Book Expo discussion post to write this year. I talk about how far we still need to go in terms of diversity in publishing.

Day 4: ISO Books

While the previous post was my favorite to write, this one might be my favorite to put together. If you’re looking for a diverse book to add to your TBR, I share ten of my favorite diverse reads this year.

Did you participate in Armchari Book Expo this year? What was your favorite post? Did you get a chance to participate in any of the Twitter chats? Share a link to your wrap-up post in the comments.

I mentioned in the intro post that I’m cohosting the Summer 2017 Comment Challenge. Each month we pair bloggers together and encourage them to comment on each other’s blogs all month long. If you are interested in joining us, sign-ups for July are now open and will be so through June 26th. Click the image to the left for all the details.

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