Top Ten Tuesday: Romance Tropes I Kind of Love

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “All About Romance Tropes/Types — top ten favorite hate-to-love romances (from books or movies or tv), top ten favorite (or least favorite) instalove romances, favorite slow-burn romances, favorite starcrossed lovers, etc. etc. Can go so many ways with this one).” This week I’m listing romantic tropes that I find really hard to resist (though I admit, some are harder to resist than others like the slow burn and love/hate relationship). Last year I listed romantic tropes I can’t stand (click here to take a look), so this year I thought I’d stay more positive. Covers are linked to Goodreads.


1. Slow Burn – My all-time favorite romantic trope is the slow burn. I live for the slow burn. I love the agony of waiting, I love the build up of tension, I love the ultimate payoff of seeing the relationship develop and then happen (hopefully with a swoon-worthy kiss). I’m always, always up for a slow burn romance.

  • Book recommendation: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

2. Enemies to Lovers – I think part of the reason I like this trope is the slow burn aspect of it (if it isn’t slow burn, you’re doing it wrong). I love the potential for character development with this trope because it means that both characters’ world views are going to be challenged.

  • Book recommendation: The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

3. Fake Relationships – Is the fake relationship trope extremely predictable? Yes. Do I end up enjoying it despite this fact? Absolutely. Sometimes you should just enjoy the ride.

  • Book recommendation: The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

4. Friends to Lovers – This trope sometimes works for me and sometimes doesn’t. I have to really believe that the two characters have a connection beyond friendship.

  • Book recommendation: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

5. Arranged Marriage – I never thought that this would be something that I’d really enjoy, but you know what, I kind of really enjoy arranged marriage plots, especially when it’s a slow burn (anyone really surprised?).

  • Book recommendation: The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh


6. Assassin to Lover – I’m not sure what the official name for this type of plot would be called and I know some people may lump it in with Enemies to Lovers, but I’m particularly prone to love any plot that starts off with one character wanting/ordered to kill another and failing for whatever reason. I haven’t found too many books like this that I love, but I’m always intrigued whenever a book with this plot creeps up.

  • Book recommendation: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

7. Former Love Rekindled – This is one trope that I never really thought I was interested in, but there are some really good ones out there and I’d really like to see more of it.

  • Book recommendation: For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

8. Fairytale Retellings – I love fairytale retellings so much. Really, I’m up for anything, but I will say that less-familiar fairytale retellings are much more interesting.

  • Book recommendation: Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

9. Love/Hate Relationship – Another trope that I’m not sure what to call it, but I always associate it with Pride and Prejudice. It’s that I-really-don’t-like-you-but-somehow-we-still-have-this-connection-and-I’m-going-to-deny-it-for-as-long-as-possible kind of thing (slow burn here).

  • Book recommendation: Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier

10. You’ve Got Mail – Pen pals without knowing the other person’s identity? Yes, I will read all the books that do this! Like the fake relationship trope, it can be predictable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.

  • Book recommendation: Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

Do you enjoy any of these romantic tropes? What is your favorite romantic trope? Have any recommendations based on the tropes I listed? Please share! Be sure leave a link to your own TTT post as well, so I can visit.

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56 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Romance Tropes I Kind of Love

  1. I’m totally into #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, and #9!! Slow burn might just be my fave though ’cause I don’t want characters getting things on right from the first few chapters or something. just not. And now, I should finally read Grave Mercy. it’s been sitting on my kindle for a couple of years now.

    awesome list, Alicia!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Grave Mercy- such a good pick. That was a good one. Assassin to lover sounds awesome too, I don’t know if I’ve read any like that but I like the sound of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG I love your take on the freebie! So creative. I also agree with so much. I really enjoyed The Winner’s Curse (need to read the rest of the series though) and The Wrath & the Dawn is also a favorite. And Truthwitch was a love one too. Some of the other recommendations I haven’t read yet but I do like those types so will have to check them out! The Lost & Found is good for #10 also! My Top Ten

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! The Winner’s Trilogy is phenomenal, I hope you enjoy the rest of it. The Wrath & the Dawn is so amazing, Ahdieh is such a talented writer. I don’t think I’m familiar with The Lost & Found, but I’m going to look it up. Thank you!


  4. This is a fantastic post! I love all the tropes you included in this list. One that particularly caught my eye was assassin to lover. As I haven’t read Truthwitch yet, I didn’t know that was the trope that took place, but now I am incredibly intrigued to read it immediately 👀. Tell Me Three Things was one of my favorite reads last year! It was a very cute and quick read that lifted my spirits tremendously. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Here’s my Top Ten for the week if you’re interested!

    Lillie @Little Lillie Reads

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Love Truthwitch, but will say that this particular trope is kind of an ongoing thing, but the slow burn is kind of my thing, so I totally approve. Yes to Tell Me Three Things. When I want a pick-me-up kind of read, the You’ve Got Mail and Fake Relationship books are the ones I reach for.


  5. Awe…these are wonderfully romantic choices. Your TTT has really put me in the mood for a slow-burn romance. And, I absolutely agree that the payoff makes it so enjoyable. I’m curious about Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. I’m not familiar with this one. I love that I can always count on you for something new and interesting. Happy Val’s Day, Alicia. Eat an extra chocolate, buy another book…you well deserve it! ❤

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    1. One of my greatest pet peeves is when there is no payoff, I’m so bitter over certain potential couples who never got a chance. I need the slow burn. Juliet Marillier is such a beautiful writer (couldn’t help but recommend two of her books this week). I love Wildwood Dancing so much. Happy Valentine’s to you, Lonna! I may have made a batch of brownies last night, so already got it covered 😉

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  6. I’m a big fan of the arranged marriage trope. I have no idea why but it hooks me every time! Fairy tale retellings are one I really want to read more of. I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve read but I haven’t read nearly enough!

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  7. “if it isn’t slow burn you’re doing it wrong”. This speaks to me on a spiritual level. I’m such a sucker for any kind of slow burn romance.
    Also, thank you for reminding me that I really need to read Grave Mercy. Great list 😀

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  8. Slow burn is the ultimate!!!! And you’re right, it goes so well with enemies to lovers (my other fave) for obvious reasons. Fake relationships are so fun; there’s a reason I love predictable tropes because when they’re done well they are So. Good. And I don’t care that they’re predictable! Oh man Love/Hate is THE BEST. I guess I lump it with “enemeies” a lot even if they’re not enemies. I love that you named it You’ve Got Mail! This is an excellent list 🙂

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