October Fright: How to Survive a Horror Story


If you’re anything like me, when you watch horror movies (or read a horror novel), you cannot help but yell at the characters when they make the dumbest decisions. For this post, I’ve compiled a list of the dos and donts of surviving a horror story. If you think you may be a protagonist in a horror movie (or book) in the near future, please pay special attention. As always, I’d love to hear any suggestions from you in the comments.

dosdonts1 dosdonts2

20 thoughts on “October Fright: How to Survive a Horror Story

  1. Ha love it! I like to think I’ve watched enough horror movies to be able to survive one. But in reality I’d prob end up being the one who cowers in a not so secretive hiding spot. LOL

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  2. These are very sensible! 🙂 The “stay together” one is particularly good – I never understood people in movies who leave “to check out a strange sound” or something.

    And I never wanted to participate in calling ghosts or similar activities that some people tried when we were in school – I don’t really believe in ghosts but I don’t see any need in disturbing them in case they DO exist. 🙂

    I’d add “don’t run upstairs/into the basement if the villain is chasing you”. And possibly “don’t keep axes/chainsaws/knives out in the open. Opportunity makes a murderer.” O_o

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    1. Yeah, why would you leave a perfectly good, well-lit room to investigate a noise in the dark? I’m with you with the ghosts, not sure if I believe you can communicate with the dead, but I’ve stayed away from ouija boards just in case. Yes, that’s a good one, why don’t these people run out of the house? Haha, I’m just going to set this ax down here and hope no murderer comes along and picks it up.


  3. Ha ha! I love this post! I think with a list like this you would definitely survive in a horror movie or book. I think I’d probably make the mistake of staying in the house. There’s a false sense of security when you’re in a house. The fear of the unknown/outside would most likely keep me in the house.

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  4. LOL I’m dying here. These are great. I am always complaining about the slow walking crazy catching their running prey. The thing is, I complain about a lot of this stuff, but keep going back for more.

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