October Fright: Chilling Childhood Flicks


Bit of a warning before we get started. This post contains gifs from horror movies and if you aren’t a fan of scary movies or they make you uncomfortable, it’s best to turn away now. I’m not ashamed to admit that while putting this post together, I got the heebie-jeebies about a dozen times. Childhood trauma just gets stronger with age, people. I want to start off by saying that I can’t rightly recall how I was able to watch all these movies as a child, but even if my parents had known, I’m pretty sure I would have found a way to watch them anyways. Here is a little look at the horror movies I watched at far too young of an age, the movies that satisfied that weird part of myself that loved scary stories (still weird even now), the movies that terrified me so much that it’s very unlikely I’ll watch them again. Alone. By myself. At night. In the dark. On a dare? Maybe. I’m including original release dates, so you don’t get these movies confused with any terrible remakes or sequels.

1. Child’s Play (1988) – What could be creepy about a children’s doll? Everything, people, everything! I saw this movie when I still played with dolls. How do I know this? Because my cousins and I used to joke that this one doll I had kind of looked like Chucky. She had that same sinister cheek bone structure and deceivingly benign freckles. Not too long after I saw this movie, this doll was banished to the garage. I can’t remember what happened to her after that. Should I be concerned that I don’t remember? Nah, it’s just this bad memory of mine. Right? RIGHT?!?!

2. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Unlike with Child’s Play, I feel pretty confident saying I saw this one while staying over at my cousins’ house. One of these cousins had a very unnerving skill. He could make himself sound like Freddie Krueger. It was creepy to me and it just about terrified my younger brother (I don’t think he’s watched a Freddie Krueger movie since). Still, this movie kind of appealed to me. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams and the idea that something can invade your dreams–where you are completely vulnerable and and the only defense is to stay awake–is enough to give me nightmares. Because I really like sleeping.

3. Hellraiser (1987) – But, Alicia, where is your gif for Hellraiser? Okay, confession time. Pinhead is the single most terrifying entity in human existence and even thinking about him makes me nervous. I remember next to nothing about this movie except Pinhead. I don’t even rightly know what it is about this villain, but he makes me extremely uncomfortable and I have this really strong aversion to him. I won’t watch the movie (not even on a dare), I won’t look at his picture while browsing movie titles, and I certainly won’t be searching for gifs for this post. Also, it’s all about the original actor, any remakes do absolutely nothing for me. I’d mention his name, but that would require me to Google it and that’s not going to happen.

4. It (1990) – Oh great, clowns. I don’t have a phobia or anything, but when I think about this movie, I start to reconsider everything I’ve ever believed about them. No, my children will never have clowns at their birthday parties. I will not be attending any birthday parties where there might be a clown. I will never enter any fun houses where clowns reside. This movie also turned me off of exploring any sewer tunnels. My cousins apparently knew of some and there was never a chance that I was going to say yes to that adventure. I still sometimes eye sewer drains warily. Little side note: these clown sightings across the country just reinforce my fear of them, hoaxes or not, it’s still terrifying. Thinking of just carrying a bat around.

5. Silence of the Lambs (1991) – I don’t consider myself a squeamish person. Blood, guts, decapitated heads. I’m all fine with those things (fictional, of course), but Silence of the Lambs really gets under my skin (no pun intended). Apparently I have a deep aversion to cannibalism. When the television show Hannibal premiered, I was sure I’d enjoy it, but it only took a few episodes in for me to realize that my stomach was not going to be able to take it.

Are there any horror movies you watched as a child that have followed you into adulthood? Are you a fan of any of these movies or do you refuse to watch any of these? Is there a particular horror villain that freaks you out? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “October Fright: Chilling Childhood Flicks

  1. I have never seen Hellraiser and now I need to!! IT definitely freaks me out, but I love it! I’m a big fan of the original Halloween. It still creeps me out.

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  2. Oh I remember getting super creeped out by Chucky! As I’ve grown older I find most “scary” movies to be actually really funny, though. My brother and I used to go to every awful scary movie in the theatres and we would laugh and laugh at all the parts that other people were covering their eyes at.

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  3. I remember seeing about three zombie movies before I was 11 and made sure I have a complete fear of zombies. It doesn’t matter that the last film I saw was Shaun of the Dead, the phobia had already set in and I couldn’t sleep because I kept checking out my window to make sure crowds of zombies weren’t coming down the street.

    On that note, the remake of the Dawn of the Dead (where they’re trapped in a shopping mall) was one of the scariest. I could just about deal with zombies when they were slow and rambling but in that film they can run and they can reason enough to use a doggy door to get inside and there are zombie babies. I haven’t watched it since so I can’t say whether it’s as terrifying as I remember but it’s been about thirteen years since I’ve seen it and I still remember a lot of it.

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    1. I actually love zombies. I have an upcoming post just about zombies, so you may want to skip that one. There’s this one zombie book series where a different set of zombie makes an appearance and it’s just wrong for zombies to be able to run/open doors/learn, so I agree that’s much more scary.


  4. Dolls creep me out so I’ve never watched the Chucky films. I also skipped the Elm movie – and Halloween.

    I LOVED The Silence of the Lambs though, it’s a fantastic movie. I remember buying a dress years after I’d first watched it – and my father told me the cut (the diamond pattern or something) reminded him of the skin dress the guy in this movie wanted to make. You can imagine I wasn’t thrilled by this. 😀 It wasn’t even similar! I think we must have watched it three or four times when I was still living at home so we know all the quotes and all… But none of the spinoff movies compares to this one.

    I remember being really scared when I watched Seven, Scream (I think I only saw the first two), and The Blair Witch Project. There was also a Japanese (I think?) movie called The Two Sisters (I think?), I went to the movies with friends (I must have been 14, I think), and I literally spent three quarters of the movie hunched in the seat, hiding beneath my jacket and clutching my friend’s hand. After that, I kind of gave up on horror movies. Ooh, I did like The Others with Nicole Kidman. That was a good movie.

    A couple of years ago, I bought tickets for The Orphanage (it’s a Spanish movie, I think) at a film festival. I thought it was something else and when freaky things started happening to little kids, I just stood up and left the cinema, I can’t handle stuff like that.

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    1. I definitely recommend staying away from Chucky if dolls are not your thing. And I totally don’t blame you, dolls are scary. Ah yes, every girl wants to hear her dress looks like it was made out of skin. Spinoffs and remakes really never compare to the originals. The Blair Witch Project was a good one, it really revolutionized the genre. I like to watch it if I catch it on t.v. I haven’t seen The Orphanage, but I have heard about it. I’m going to have to hunt it down somewhere. Scary movies can be very unnerving for sure.


  5. One of the most fascinating things about these horror movies is that it’s lasted the test of time. SCARY GOOD! There is something about Silence of the Lambs (1991) that I love. I personally have not watched a full segment of Hannibal, but at the end of every episode, my hubs always recounts it for me, but in a very PG-13 manner. Because trust me Alicia, I will drag him to the bathroom and back even thought it’s only a few feet away. 😀

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    1. Yes, all of these movies continue to be popular, so kudos to the creators. I think Silence of the Lambs is just an interesting film if you consider the twisted psyche of the villains, but there is just something about eating other people that gets to me. Haha, turn on all the lights when you have to head to the bathroom and if need be, carry a weapon with you. I myself like to have my dog present if I get too freaked out, she’s a good alarm system.


  6. I was traumatized for years by the Terminator movies The Fly, Tremors, and Dolly, but I loved horror when I got just a BIT older (like 12): Scream, Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Swim Fan, Dead Alive, Urban Legend, The People Under the Stairs, House on Haunted Hill, etc. But then came ask those stupid “torture porn” movies: the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first I saw, and I thought i was going to throw up in the theater. The Saw series, the Hostel films, etc. I can’t do it. Then, scary movies were a bit ruined for me. I still try to watch them, but I feel such, even if they aren’t torture films. I did really enjoy Cabin in the Woods and The Boy and recommend both.

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    1. The Terminator movies? Huh, I suppose watching an unstoppable force chase someone could cause some anxiety. I’m not familiar with Dolly Dearest, but I’m very intrigued. Halloween is also a favorite of mine and I just recently rewatched I Know What You Did Last Summer and I’m surprised that years later it’s still a pretty good slasher movie.

      Oh, I know, I do not like gratuitous blood and gore with my horror movies. I feel like they just think adding more blood will make it scarier, but it really doesn’t. Saw was never my thing and I think I skipped Hostel and the remake of Texas Chainsaw. I want to watch The Boy, anything with dolls is immediately creepy. Have you seen The Conjuring?

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      1. I like The Conjuring movies, but because I’m still really anxious about the torture porn movies, I’m really slow about getting back into movies with jumpy bits. I saw the Terminator movies when I was around 5 😐

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