October Fright 2016: Let the Scares Begin!


As you can surmise from my blog’s new look, it’s October. October may be my favorite month of the year and that’s mostly due to Halloween. I’ve always loved the holiday, dressing up and trick-or-treating was something I always looked forward to. I also really enjoy scary movies. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush, but creepy movies and stories have a strange kind of appeal. While putting together posts for this month, I watched a lot of horror movies to put myself in the perfect mindset. I also lost a lot of sleep, being unable to shut off my brain when it was time to go to bed. This month I have an assortment of posts to share with you ranging from my October TBR to How to Survive a Horror Story. I hope you enjoy everything I have in store and please feel free to share any Halloween-themed posts you put together this month in the comments. Happy October!

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