4th Annual ARC August: Week One Update


The 4th Annual ARC August Challenge, hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat, has been underway for the last week. Every week there will be an update on my progress for this challenge (unless I fail to pick up any ARCs), which encourages bloggers to pick up all the ARCs that have been piling up. My goal for this month is three ARCs with the possibility of getting to six. This first week I’m off to a great start, having read two ARCs. Yay me! Here are a few thoughts I had on these books. Full reviews will be posted closer to the books’ release dates.

ARC August Read #1:

Title: The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart

Author: Lauren DeStefano

Publication Date: September 13, 2016


Lauren DeStefano’s newest middle grade read The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart is full of charm, following two orphans as they encounter a spirit that possesses one of them. I really enjoyed the friendship between the two leads, Marybeth and Lionel. They accept each other for who they are, without expectations and without wanting to change the other. I still think that DeStefano’s first MG book A Curious Tale of the In-Between outshines this one, but Peculiar Night was still very enjoyable. Cover is linked to Goodreads.

ARC August Read #2:

Title: Labyrinth Lost

Author: Zoraida Córdova

Publication Date: September 6, 2016


I had very high expectations for Zoraida Córdova’s Labyrinth Lost and even though it didn’t meet all my expectations (I have absurd expectations when it comes to witch books, don’t ask me why), I still liked it. Witches, demonic creatures, and a perilous journey make this an exciting read to pick up. I loved how important the Latin American culture played in this one and am looking forward to picking up more books by this author. Book cover is linked to Goodreads.

Are you participating in ARC August? What’s the last ARC you read and loved? Let me know and leave a link to your own ARC August week one update post in the comments and I’ll be sure to visit.


12 thoughts on “4th Annual ARC August: Week One Update

  1. “The 34th Annual ARC August Challenge”…I’m not computing Alicia. From 4 to 34. You know how ridiculous I am at math! You’re doing quite well, I’m so happy for your success. I’m glad you enjoyed Labyrinth Lost even though it didn’t meet your expectations. But, that is the nature of expectations–to be extremely high as to be rarely met. Plus, witches… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, Lonna, that’s terrible! I wish I could blame autocorrect but it was just me overlooking the 3 when I used the same template from last year. Thanks for letting me know, I’m going to fix it now! Yes, witches, I told ya I’ve got a thing with witches.


  2. Good job! I don’t get enough ARCs to require an ARC August but there are so many excellent books out there that are already published that I have been meaning to read for ages! I do have Erin Bow’s sequel (The Swan Riders) that I do need to get to. But that’s it for me!

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