Top Ten Tuesday: My (Rather Pathetic) List of Non-Bookish Websites

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books (you could go specific and do like top ten favorite food/travel/craft/fitness blogs I follow, 10 websites I visit daily, 10 fun websites I waste a lot of time on etc.).” When I saw the topic for this week, my first thought was there was no way I could come up with ten non-bookish websites. After all, being a bookworm (and a book blogger at that) can be an all-consuming business. And I was right, because I had such a hard time. Apparently my time online is largely devoted to bookish things. No surprise there.

1. Tumblr – Yes, I’m cheating already. Tumblr is full of book bloggers, book photographs, book aesthetics, and book fanfiction. But it isn’t always just about books and I do follow a few people who blog about tv fandoms, trees (yes, trees, I love trees), and other miscellaneous things.

2. TweetDeck – Cheating again because I mostly use this one when there’s a bookish chat going on, but technically it isn’t bookish itself. It helps so much in keeping up with Twitter chats, I don’t know how anyone participates in one without it.

3. Canva – If you need to make some graphics for your website that may or may not be bookish, Canva is a great free graphic design website. I use it for all my graphics.

4. BuzzFeed – I never go out of my way to visit BuzzFeed, but you know those links that you come across on Twitter asking which Disney Princess you are, you just have to click to find out.

5. Squeesome – If you’re ever looking to add a graphic to your website (not necessarily bookish) to spuce it up, this site has a few blog freebies you might be intersted in.

6. Listverse – This site is the worst. It used to consume so much of my time. It has lists about everything from 10 Most Influential People Who Never Lived to 10 Poisons Used to Kill People. Tip: Don’t read true crime lists before bed, especially about unsolved kidnappings.

7. Ravelry – If you happen to be a knitter or crocheter, this website is for you. It lists tons of patterns that you can purchase but there are also a lot of free patterns as well.

8. YouTube – YouTube is where I discover most of my music. It’s where I came across favorites like Daughter and Phox. You can get lost on this site for hours, jumping from one video to another, it’s like falling down a rabbit hole.

9. Netflix – Oh, Netflix, I’ve spent so much time with you, we’re basically in a committed relationship. I’m currently working my way through Parks and Recreation and loving it. Why have I never watched it before?

10. HelloGiggles – I only go on here every once in a while, but they do have a lot of good articles that are worth checking out.

Do we have any sites in common? Did you struggle as much as I did to complete your list? Leave me a link to your own TTT list, so I can visit!


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My (Rather Pathetic) List of Non-Bookish Websites

  1. I kinda like those quizzes too (not the princess one, mind you lol, but some of the other ones) and Netflix takes up SO much time. Whenever they release a new series I want to see it’s binge time, and all reading stops. 🙂

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  2. I feel like everyone’s been loving Canva, especially recently, so I’ll have to check that out! I have Photoshop so I don’t tend to branch out, but it’s always good to try something new. 😛

    And Netflix, OMG. Parks and Rec is definitely on my to-watch list, right after I burn through Modern Family and The Mindy Project.

    Here’s my TTT. 🙂

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