Silver Eve by Sandra Waugh

Silver Eve by Sandra Waugh

Title: Silver Eve
Author: Sandra Waugh
Series: Guardians of Tarnec, #2
Pages: 384
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Release Date: September 22nd 2015

       “After the death of her beloved, seventeen-year-old Evie Carew wants nothing more than to lose herself forever in Rood Marsh. But when the old seer Harker tells her she’s meant for a greater task, Evie’s curiosity keeps her going. What is this shell that Harker insists she must find? And why can’t she stop thinking about the handsome Rider Laurent, the man who saved her on the worst day of her life?
      Soon Evie discovers that she is the Guardian of Death, the second of four Guardians who must awaken to their powers to recover four stolen amulets. Together, the amulets—Life, Death, Dark, and Light—keep the world in balance. To take back the shell that is Death’s amulet, Evie has to learn to trust her Healer instincts and understand that love never dies.”

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“In that moment, in that space of wonder and possibility, I was invisible—a strength not from knowledge of cures or fearlessness, but from rage. I had  a culprit to take it out on, finally, a way to release the screams I never screamed.”

Sandra Waugh’s Silver Eve, the sequel to her debut novel Lark Rising, follows Evie Carew on her journey as she discovers the truth about the birthmark she shares with her cousin Lark and the war that threatens to throw the world into chaos. Lark and Evie grew up together, more like sisters than cousins, under the guide of their grandmother. Unlike Lark’s more quiet demeanor, Evie’s fierce spirit shines bright. She’s bold, unafraid of exploring dangerous or forbidden paths. Largely driven by her insatiable need for answers, Evie’s curiosity is both a strength and weakness. Both Lark and Evie are uneasy with their calling, the former because she did not believe in her own merit, the latter because she feels her world ended the day she lost the man she loved. For Evie, this loss is an unrelenting ache, knowing Raif was taken from her before she had the courage to tell him how she felt. Tormented by regret and heartbreak, Evie is content to hide away from the world, but she is soon met by a stranger who speaks of a greater calling for her and the familiar face of the one who saved her on the day Raif was taken from her.

As a Guardian, Evie is tasked with recovering one of four talismans needed to safeguard the world from the devious beasts called Breeders, who are hoping to undermine the delicate balance of the world. Each Guardian is given a Compliment, one who protects and with whom a powerful bond is forged. For Evie, this role falls to the Rider Laurent. While one might describe the connection between these two characters as a case of instalove because of the immediate bond they feel because of their callings, the author still finds a way to develop this relationship slowly. I would have liked to have learn more about Laurent as we only get a brief glimpse into his past. But Silver Eve is very much focused on Evie’s quest and how she comes to terms with her loss and calling. I’m very interested in finding out where Waugh takes her story and how the next book’s characters tie into the overall story.

Silver Eve is beautiful and heartbreaking, a tale that illustrates the power of love and sacrifice. The Guardians of Tarnec series is perfect for those who enjoy a quiet fantasy, reminiscent of Juliet Marillier and Patricia A. McKillip.

Rating: 4/5


10 thoughts on “Silver Eve by Sandra Waugh

  1. I remembering reading a review for Silver Eve last month by another blogger and found this series interesting. I saved the information for perhaps a future read. You’re review has definitely shifted “future” to more like soon. =) I will likely start with Lark’s story and progress to Evie, though, Evie seems like a much more complex character with her fierce personality and her history of lost and healing. Great review, Alicia.

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      1. I enjoy characters who are strong and make tough decisions. Sometimes, I may not always agree with it, but if I can understand it, then I will still enjoy the story. I’m looking forward to reading Evie’s story.

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