Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Title: Winter
Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles, #4

In the final push against Queen Levana, Cinder and her crew must infiltrate Luna and put an end to the tyrannical rule of the queen and end the conflict she has reaped upon the Earth. Levana is determined to stop Cinder from claiming the throne as Princess Selene, the true heir of Luna. But Cinder is not the only one who may jeopardize Levana’s reign, Winter, Levana’s stepdaughter, rivals the queen in beauty, but it is her kindness that makes her a threat. Together, Cinder and Winter must reach out to the people of Luna and work together if they have any hope of saving the moon-planet and Earth.

“A thousand horrors clouded her mind. That they wouldn’t believe her. That they wouldn’t follow her. That they wouldn’t want her revolution.”

Winter, the final novel in Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles, brings the series to a thrilling conclusion as the entire ensemble of characters from the first three books come together to defeat a powerful foe. Winter gives readers a much closer look at the mysterious Luna, where the aristocratic people enjoy extravagance while the working-class suffers under terrible conditions. While Levana has been the only Lunar readers have been given an intimate look at, in this final novel, Princess Winter functions as her antithesis. While one uses her glamour, the Lunar gift that makes it possible to manipulate other people’s perceptions, to charm the public, the other has sworn to herself never to use deceptive means. Winter’s vow has had a negative effect on her mind. Prone to horrible visions, many view the princess as mad, including the queen. But Winter is more than the sickness plaguing her mind, she’s kind and generous, an amazing feat considering the environment she grew up in. Winter’s refusal to use her Lunar gift shows a different kind of strength that Levana, who relies so heavily on her own, can never understand.

Linh Cinder, once a lowly cyborg mechanic, is on the brink of claiming her rightful place as Queen of Luna. Cinder has struggled to accept her role as Princess Selene. What I like about Cinder is her doubt never fully disappears, she isn’t sure if she has the ability to rule Luna or if the people will accept her. These doubts, instead of undermining her character, makes her incredibly relatable. There are so many wonderful characters in this series who have grown over the course of several books. Emperor Kai finds a way to be defiant even when he finds his hands tied behind his back. Wolf suffers several losses but his connection with Scarlet keeps him afloat. Scarlet’s world was turned upside down but her tenacity and confidence drives her forward despite the circumstances. Cress, once secure in her own fantasy world, shows a different kind of fight than Cinder or Scarlet, but her skills are invaluable to the team. Thorne has come such a long way from the arrogant thief we first met, this journey has made him a better person and I just love everything about his character development.

Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles has been a fantastic ride. As far as fairy tale retellings go, this has been perhaps the most original I’ve come across and I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Rating: 4/5



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