Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love to Dress Up As For Halloween

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Halloween themed freebie — your choice (ie. 10 best ghost stories, 10 things that scare you in books, 10 literary Halloween costumes, 10 vampire novels, 10 books that WILL scare you, 10 non-scary books for Halloween, 10 scariest covers, etc.)” I love Halloween, I just think it’s the holiday that’s the most fun. So in celebration, this week I’m listing characters from books I’d love to dress up as for Halloween. Covers linked to Goodreads.

1. Manon Blackbeak – This was the first character I thought of for this list and why not? I’d love to dress up as a merciless witch with metal teeth and a thirst for human blood. Kidding (not kidding).

2. Bellatrix Lestrange – As much as I ought to hate this women, there is something about her that’s super intriguing. I partially blame Helena Bonham Carter for making her the kind of character I’d want to dress up as.

3. Inej Ghafa – Have I mentioned how much I love Six of Crows? This girl is my favorite, so yes, I would love to dress up as my favorite character from the novel.

4. Elizabeth Bennet – One of my favorite literary characters ever, I’d love to dress in Regency Style clothes and be Elizabeth Bennet for a day.

5. Katniss Everdeen – Is it wrong I want to dress up like Katniss just so I can carry around a bow and arrow?

6. Celaena Sardothien – Because of obvious reasons, I’ve love to dress up as this lethal assassin.

7. Luna Lovegood – I was really close to putting down Hermione, but Luna is a bit more flighty, so I believe dressing up as her would be more fun. I’d definitely carry around a copy of the Quibbler.

8. Celia Bowen – I think I love everything about The Night Circus, so dressing up as one of the characters would be awesome.

9. Kestrel Trajen – I just want to wear a really pretty dress, preferable the one on this cover, haha.

10. Elizabeth Bennet – Wait a minute, didn’t I already list Elizabeth Bennet? Yes, you are correct, but wouldn’t Halloween be a great time to dress up as her from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead? Picture a Regency dress with a katana!

Which literary figure would you like to dress up as for Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your own TTT post, so I can visit you.


43 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love to Dress Up As For Halloween

  1. I would love to dress up as Luna… I don’t think I could do Bellatrix since I HATE her so much. She killed my favorite character in the HP world… and the only one I had a book-crush on!! But I would also love to be Katniss because I want to wear a mockingjay pin and side braid!! Cool list 🙂

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  2. Ooh, yes, I’d definitely dress up as Katniss Everdeen! It’d be nice to pretend to be someone so badass hahaha. I’d also love to dress up as Bellatrix, after all, nothing is better for Halloween than someone evil, right?
    Great list!

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