Monthly Wrap-Up: September ’15

MonthlyWrap-UPI don’t know how I did it, but I managed to read nine books this month. Yay, for me! Despite the fact that I read so much, I didn’t get a chance to pick up a few books that I really wanted to. However, I did pick up a lot of really good books this month. I participated in my first Bloggiesta, which really helped me get some things done around the blog. I’ve been working on some October posts in advance, well, more on that later…I’m adding a link to this post to Book Date’s Month in Review link-up, which you can find here.

(Book covers below are linked to my reviews.)

My Favorite Book This Month:

This was the best! I just want to jump around in celebration of its brilliance. I wasn’t a huge fan of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, but this one was so amazing, I might just revisit her earlier series. Check this one out if you haven’t yet.

My Least Favorite Book:

I just finished this ARC from NetGalley and I’m sad to say it was my least favorite book this month. Colleen Oakes’s Stars (Wendy Darling,#1) was the only book I gave less than three stars to this month and lacked the kind of magic I expect from a Peter Pan retelling. My full review will be posted in the next week or so. Book cover is linked to Goodreads.

Other Reviews This Month:

The Re-Read Challenge:

I’m terrible. This is the second month I did not manage to reread a book and I’m not going to be able to next month because of my October plans. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up something in November.

Kernels of Nonsense:

My discussion posts for this month include Kernels of Nonsense, #32: Are You a Monogamous or Polygamous Reader? where I ask if reading one or more books is the norm for you and Kernels of Nonsense, #33: Blogging in Advance where I discuss preparing posts ahead of time.

Favorite Blog Meme Posts This Month:

I really enjoyed putting together Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Families I’d Like to Be a Part Of, a list of literary families that I feel I would fit perfectly in. List includes: the Weasleys from Harry Potter, the Sargents from the Raven Cycle, and the Pevensies from the Chronicles of Narnia. What literary family would you be part of if given the chance?

Other Notable Posts This Month:

Bloggiesta: September 2015 Finish Line – take a look here at what I accomplished during this challenge.

Book Haul: September Book Beauties – Look at all these lovely books, they are all so gorgeous!

Things I’m Looking Forward to in October:

October Fright 2015 – Last year I did several Halloween-themed posts to celebrate the holiday and this year I’m taking it to a new level. I don’t want to reveal too much, but if you stop by my blog on October 1st, you may notice a few changes…

How was your month of September? Are you looking forward to October like I am? Feel free to leave me a link to your own wrap-up post and I’ll be sure to visit.

18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: September ’15

  1. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try Six of Crows, but maybe I should! I love October because it’s perfect for creepy/spooky reads. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. You had a great month of reading!

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  2. Looks like a great month, just took a a peek at your Bloggiesta achievements, you certainly got a lot done. I often think about joining The Top Ten meme but it would take me ages to work out what to put into each of the themes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Look at your wallpaper! It’s your favorite month of the year Alicia! *tosses black and orange confetti up in the air*

    Okay, firstly, Six of Crows has piqued my interest, but I’m wondering if it leans on the dark side? Like, are there bodies levitating and is there paranormal activity? I don’t well with those elements ha!

    Second, I’m taken aback with your immediate thoughts on Wendy Darling! I’ve only been reading positive reviews. I’m eager to know what let you down and why it failed to meet your expectations; was it just the magical factor?

    And finally, I’d love to connect with you and plan our buddy read for November if you are still up for it 🙂 I hope you have a creep-tastic October Alicia 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you! Yes, this month is kind of an exciting time for me. Don’t worry, Six of Crows is a fantasy book, not horror, so you are safe. Wendy Darling was so frustrating for me, mostly because I really didn’t like any of the characters. I’ve only read a few other reviews, but I think once more people read it, more negative reviews will pop up (I’m certainly confident in my opinion, aren’t I).

      Yes, DM me about Gregor. I’m thinking the beginning of the month would be best since once Thanksgiving rolls around, we’ll probably both be busy. Just let me know when is good for you and what kind of time table you’re thinking. We can tweet at each other while we read.


  4. Wow! Great month! That is disappointing about Wendy Darling! It looks like it would be such a cute book!

    This was the first time I did not participate in the Bloggiesta since I found it a couple of years ago. I love it! I’ve learned so much from doing it. I was just too busy this time around. Hopefully, I will do the next.

    I hope you have a wonderful October! Happy Reading to you!

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