Bloggiesta: September 2015 Finish Line


The Fall Bloggiesta is over *cue the awws*. This was my first time participating in this challenge which aims to motivate bloggers to perform blog maintenance in a fun, interactive way. Here’s a look at what was on my to-do list and a few thoughts on what I ended up accomplishing.

  1. Finish current read and complete review Check mark symbol
    • I really wanted to make sure that I ended up finishing the book I was reading and that I’d have time to review it even with all the other things I had to get to for this challenge.
  2. Continue editing reviews with new format Check mark symbol
    • I finally finished adding the title, author, and series box to every review. I’ve been working to get this done since April, so it felt really good to finally get it out of the way.
  3. Edit and schedule the two ARC reviews I have in my drafts Check mark symbol
    • I’ve been hanging on to reviews for Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows and Lindsay Smith’s Dreamstrider for a while, so it was nice to take one last look at set them up to be posted.
  4. Work on at least one Halloween-themed post for October Check mark symbol
    • I am so looking forward to October. I have several posts ready to go. I cannot be more stoked.
  5. Decide which books to read for the rest of the month Check mark symbol
    • If I’m lucky, I’ll be reading three more books this month, but I’ll be happy with two more reads before I get started on all the spooky books I have lined up for October.
  6. Compose a list of books for October and put in hold requests for the library Check mark symbol
    • Yes, I’m really excited about this holiday and I made a big list of books I want to pick up. It’s more than likely that I won’t pick these all up, but boy am I going to try.
  7. Participate in at least one Twitter chat for Bloggiesta Check mark symbol
    • I ended up participating in two Twitter chats which were both amazing, it’s always great to interact with other bloggers.
  8. Find out and comment on what other bloggers are working on this weekend Check mark symbol
    • It was so nice seeing what everyone else was up to. Some of you were super ambitious and gave me ideas for next year’s Bloggiesta.
  9. Go through reviews and fix blockquotes Check mark symbol
    • I wasn’t sure I was going to get to this, but it’s been bugging me since I changed my theme and never fixed the blog quotes on several (oh so many!) reviews. I feel so much better now that I’ve finally accomplished this.
  10. Take part in two mini-challenges Check mark symbol
    • Guiltless Reading hosted Gmail Users! How I Achieved Inbox Zero & You Can Too!, a tutorial on how to clean out your email, organize it, and find bliss whenever you open your inbox. If you’re looking to do away with all the clutter in your email, I highly recommend you check out this post. I hardly recognize the state of my email right now.
    • Kissin Blue Karen did an awesome post,  How to Contact Publishers, on requesting review copies. This was an incredibly helpful post for me and let me tell you, I have a bunch of emails lined up because of this post.

What an incredible experience Bloggiesta was! I’ve got so many new ideas about improving my blog and cannot wait for the next opportunity to participate in this awesome challenge. Mark your calendars, the next Mini Bloggiesta is scheduled for January 16-17. You can find all the info about Bloggiesta on the official site here and you can also find them on Twitter @Bloggiesta.


14 thoughts on “Bloggiesta: September 2015 Finish Line

  1. Look how much you got done!!! I REALLY need to dedicate some time to the blog over the next few weeks, life just got super busy this month. And we need to organise a chat to get the loose ends tied up for TABookProject! So close! R x

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