Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Families I’d Like to Be a Part Of

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is a freebie! This week I’ve chosen to list literary families I wouldn’t mind being a part of. It’s always fun to imagine being part of fictional worlds, but here is a list of ten families that I feel I’d fit right into. Ah, to dream…Covers are linked to Goodreads.

Ten Families I’d Like to Be a Part Of:

1. The Weasleys – It is my personal opinion that the Weasleys are the best family in literature and I would be so happy to be a part of their family. Ginny and I could spend all our time talking about Harry Potter and playing pranks on our brothers.

2. The Folcharts – All bookworms need to read Inkheart, Meggie and Mo love books just as much as the rest of us and I would have loved to have grown up with books stacked everywhere.

3. The Beaumonts – I don’t know about you, but being part of a family that has special gifts (called a “savvy”) like creating hurricanes and being able to go back in time would be incredible.

4. The Pevensies – I just really really want to go to Narnia and meet Aslan and Mr. Tumnus.

5. The Sargents – Forget Gansey, I’ll finish the fruit at the bottom of your yogurt, Blue. I imagine that I too wouldn’t have any psychic abilities, so Blue and I could bond over this and our snarky attitudes.

6. The Goodnights – I may have a secret wish for magic to be real, so I can be a witch like one of the members of the Goodnight family.

7. The Morgans – As a member of the Morgan family, I’d be attending the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. I’ve always thought I’d make a good spy.

8. The Murrays – I imagine Poppet, Widget and I could be the Murray Triplets. Le Cirque des Rêves is one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever read about and to be a part of it would be so incredible.

9. The Delaneys – I’d have to change my name to something more birdlike, but I’d absolutely adore being part of a family of mediums. And with so many sisters, I imagine we’d get into a ton of trouble, but what adventures we’d have!

10. The Family of Piscu Dracului – I think I just really love the idea of being part of a family with so many sisters (I’m an only girl, I can’t help it) rather than being forced to dance all night, although any world written by Juliet Marillier is so lush and lovely, it’s hard to resist regardless.

Which literary families would you like to be part of? What topic did you choose this week? Let me know in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your own TTT post, so I can visit!


58 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Families I’d Like to Be a Part Of

  1. INKHEART!! Yes. I want to be a part of that family! Ugh. I WANT TO READ BOOKS TO LIFE. Ahem. Or at least have Dad or sis do it for me. 🙂 What family do I want to be a part of? Ummm….I think that I’d love to be Princess Mia’s long lost sister. Since her Dad clearly gets around…I could so be a long lost Princess of Genovia! I chose Top Ten Historical Fiction Books/Authors.

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  2. The Weasley’s was the first thing I thought of when I read your topic! I can’t think of any more though. I feel like either the parents/families are dead or just not there in most of the books I read. Also, I’m dying to read The Night Circus, but I just… haven’t yet for no apparent reason? So your post made me half jealous that you have and half angry at myself that I haven’t lol. Here’s my TTT 🙂

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  3. Yes can I please be a red headed Wesley!! Same with the Sargents!! But I’d want to be a part of the group as well, I’d hate to be Blue’s sister and then not get to join in with al the fun!! Great idea for your list this week 😄😄

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  4. What a CLEVER topic! Love it and many of the families you spotlights. 100 times YES to the Pevensies. They’re all amazing (plus, we’d get to see Narnia!). Haven’t read Ally’s Gallagher books (yet), but they sound fun too. 🙂

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  5. This is a great choice of topic! I’d love to meet the Weasley family, though I’d be reluctant to move into their over-crowded house. But I’d visit on holidays and birthdays for sure, Mrs Weasley cooks like a pro and I know the conversations would always be interesting.

    Haha, I’d make a terrible spy, I think. I’m such a chicken that any pursuit of my goals at night would freak me out for sure.

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