Kernels of Nonsense, #31: Bookshelf Makeover

Kernels of Nonsense (2)Kernels of Nonsense is a bimonthly discussion feature here on my blog where I tackle various bookish topics. This week I did a crazy thing.

Okay, well, maybe not crazy, but ambitious and time-consuming. A few months ago in Kernels of Nonsense, #25: Bookshelf Reorganizing, I talked about how I love reorganizing my books. I also mentioned that even with three bookshelves, I was running out of space. Since then I’ve been contemplating getting new and bigger shelves. After looking everywhere, I discovered it was going to cost a pretty penny and that getting these new shelves wouldn’t help when it came to space (four shelves would almost be impossible to fit).

Then I had an idea. Wall-mounted bookshelves. I loved the idea of having my books up high. It would solve two problems at once, give me that extra space I’ve been missing because of my bookshelves and more room to store my books. After discussing my idea with my father who is much more handy than I will ever be and who owns about 50,000 power tools, I decided to embark on a DIY project.

I really wanted to get started last weekend, but after the heat wave that hit California (108°F for three days straight! That’s about 42°C for those not in the US), I was only able to buy supplies. So I cleared this particular corner of my room (stuffed all my books in the shelf I was going to keep and two big boxes), then on Monday and Tuesday cut the wood to size, sanded them and then stain all six pieces.

Wednesday looked like the day I was going to be able to get everything done, but after a really busy day, only half of the shelves went up. My dad and I only got into one disagreement about the mathematics of finding studs (we have a running joke that we’re too much alike to get into a real argument and my mother and brother are too much alike not to get into one).

Finally on Thursday, we finished mounting all the shelves and I was exhausted. I did leave some room at the top just in case I want to add another shelf. I also tweaked my plans a little. I originally intended for the shelves to meet at the corner and after getting the brackets leveled, the wood turned out to be slightly off. The only way I could get them to meet exactly is if I bought brackets to join them together. At this point I really wanted to finish and there was also the fact that joining them would cause me to lose a little room, so I decided not to.
I have too many books! This is the conclusion I came to after having to move every single one of them. All of my books were able to fit and I still have room for more (curse you book-buying ban!). I’m really proud of this new shelving, love the way it really opens the room, and am so very happy I chose to go this route instead of buying more bookshelves (it cost less and isn’t crowding my room).

Have you ever embarked on a bookshelf makeover? Are you maybe contemplating one? How do you save room when books take up so much space? What do you think of my new shelves? Share your thoughts in the comments!


29 thoughts on “Kernels of Nonsense, #31: Bookshelf Makeover

  1. That looks great! It really does open up the room.

    We have Ikea shelves and we put one of their shelf expansions on top of each book case. And in between the two book cases we also have room if I ever need it. We also got book cases upstairs earlier this year for those books that I’d like to keep, but aren’t favourites. Just in case I ever get to that point that they won’t all fit downstairs, haha. Thinking about a time where I will have too many books to fit in the house scares me. 😮

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    • I was going to go with Ikea, but there are a couple of reasons I decided not to. This is why I kept my smaller shelf and left room for another shelf because I’m frightened I’ll run out of room! I also took down quite a few books that I don’t necessarily need to display and put them on the shelf I kept. It might be time for a book purge, but that makes me hyperventilate.

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  2. I am impressed! Putting them up high like that adds so much more space below.

    I had bought more bookshelves, but in the end, I started purging so that I ended up with six empty shelves in my garage…my daughter took five of them!

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  3. I love DIY projects, I just need to make ample time for them since they do take a generous amount of time to complete – well, depending on the project of course. Even so, I love the new makeover and that your dad was there to help you ❤ How did you end up organizing your books? That katana though 😀

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    • It was definitely a two-person job, for sure. I have a very strange way of organizing them. Classics on top with books that I gave two or three stars to (mostly three stars). I have a shelf dedicated to series I haven’t finished, the one with the katana 😉 holds my TBR books that aren’t a part of a series I own, and a shelf with series I like and also series that managed to make me mad and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish them, a couple of shelves with books I love separated by author because for the most part, I have multiple books by them.

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  4. Holy cow – 42 degrees? We all bust out summer clothes and die of heat failure here if it even hits the 20’s!!! Love your shelves, so glad you got them sorted, and space wise it makes tons of sense! I am still (im)patiently waiting for mine… R x

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  5. Wow, the change to the room is amazing! I think you made a good choice with these shelves. Do you use book ends or just really heavy/fat books to keep them from falling off the shelves?

    Our main bookshelf is a 5×5 space IKEA Expedit which serves as a divider for the room – it divides the part with our work desks from the bed and creates an awesome, dark nook for the bed (we get morning sun in the bedroom which is something we dislike, seeing as we’re night owls and prefer to sleep in if we can). I wish to put the rest of the books onto new shelves one day but we have these old dressers in the appartment and they’ll have to do for now.

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  6. Looks fantastic, makes the room look much more light and spacious! I’ve only done a makeover like that on a minor scale, like moving books and getting a few more shelves- I have 3 in my bedroom alone and another big one downstairs now. Nothing quite that dramatic!

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