Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Title: Unspoken
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Series: The Lynburn Legacy, #1

Kami Glass knows that no matter how quiet her hometown, Sorry-in-the-Vale, appears to be, it must have its own fair share of buried secrets. Secrets that are just waiting for someone to uncover them. When the only living members of the founding family of Lynburns return to Sorry-in-the-Vale, Kami can’t help but notice the strange things that have accompanied their arrival. Strangest of all is the appearance of her imaginary friend, a friend whose voice she’s been hearing in her head forever and one she was convinced didn’t exist. When Kami stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the woods and someone makes an attempt on her life, she realizes Sorry-in-the-Vale’s secrets are more dangerous than she imagined and someone will do anything to keep them hidden.

“Kami staggered, blackness shimmering before her eyes, but she was still conscious when she was shoved between her shoulder blades. Panic cleared her head for a moment as she was airborne, the sick feeling of falling turning her stomach.”

Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken is packed with hilarity, emotionally complex characters, and a mystery that’s sure to intrigue. This is my first time rereading this book and I’ve grown more fond of it and its characters because of it. Kami Glass is one of my all-time favorite protagonists, she’s tenacious, curious, and independent. The supporting cast is better for knowing her and she is most deserving of the devotion her friends and family show her. Prone to getting into trouble, Kami is charmingly cheeky, but also shows a level of maturity and levelheadedness other characters have yet to reach. Though some of her ideas border on crazy, her enthusiasm is infectious and her ability to recognize her mistakes make her a delightful character.

Unspoken would not be as complete without Kami’s eclectic Scooby Gang. From her best friend Angela, who’d rather nap than deal with people to the antithetic cousins, Ash and Jared, Kami’s team is well-balanced and each character has their own struggles and moments of learning. Jared and Kami’s relationship is by far the most complicated as each believed the other did not exist. It’s one thing to share your soul with someone you’ve never met, but quite another to realize that another human being knows every vulnerable moment you’ve ever had and every insecurity you hide from the world. Jared has been hardened by parents who’ve never wanted him and rumors that have everyone regarding him with distrust. His only solace has been his relationship with the girl whose voice he can hear in his head. Despite this, the reality of Kami’s existence terrifies him and he’s as much afraid of having her in his life as he is of losing her.

Brennan’s Unspoken had me laughing out loud, crying with its emotionally gut-wrenching character arcs and sneaking glances at the last two books, eager to read what other trouble Kami and her gang are sure to get into.

Rating: 5/5


9 thoughts on “Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

  1. For some reason I couldn’t get into this book even though I loved it on paper. I also loved The Demon’s Lexicon. Your review is making me think I need to attempt reading it again though, you make it sound wonderful!

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