In the Time of Dragon Moon by Janet Lee Carey

In the Time of Dragon Moon by Janet Lee Carey

Title: In the Time of Dragon Moon
Author: Janet Lee Carey
Series: Wilde Island Chronicles, #3

Uma Quarteney, the daughter of the Adan, an Euit healer, and an English midwife, is determined to defy convention and become the first female Adan in her father’s tribe. News of her father’s infertility cure has spread throughout Wilde Island and the Queen, desperate for another child, orders her soldiers to bring the Adan to Pendragon Castle to cure her. When Uma’s father dies, the burden passes to his daughter, who knows failure will not only end her life but her tribe’s. Despite all her effort, time is running out. On Dragon’s Keep, Uma finds an unlikely ally in Jackrun, the King’s nephew and firstborn of a legendary prophesy. When tragedy strikes the Pendragon family, taking the life of one of their own, Uma and Jackrun discover it may not have been accidental at all, but the opening move in a larger scheme.

“The jagged crack running down the mirror cut me in two. The split image I saw startled me: Uma of Devil’s Boot, Uma of the Pendragon court. I spread my feet apart, trying to span my two worlds. My heart felt wedged in the crack between them both.”

I am in love with Janet Lee Carey’s Dragonswood, so I was delighted to discover that this book contained several familiar faces, even if they only made small appearances. A new layer to Carey’s world is discovered in In the Time of Dragon Moon, the third installment in the Wild Island Chronicles. Readers have already met with dragons, fey, and the English inhabitants of Wilde Island. Uma’s perspective explores the beliefs and customs of the native islanders. Half Euit and half English, Uma’s journey takes her from her home among her tribe to the foreign and often stringent formalities of the English court. And though her circumstances change, Uma struggles to reconcile who she is and who she wants to be when both worlds seek to limit her opportunities. She is subjected to threats and prejudice, but through it all she learns to accept herself and not to compromise her ambitions.

Jackrun is the first to have human, dragon, and fey in his blood. To many this means he is destined to rule, despite the fact that he isn’t the heir to the Pendragon throne. Chivalrous and kind, it’s hard not to see that he would make a just leader, but there is more dragon in Jackrun than the dragon scales that can be found on his arm. He struggles with his fire-breathing ability, an ability that has made him feel like an outcast in his own family. Both Jackrun and Uma don’t quite fit in among their own people. For Uma, her struggle is with being half English and a female healer in a tribe that values tradition. For Jackrun, his gift and the prophesy of his birth feel more like a curse and burden. Despite this, Uma is accepting of Jackrun’s gift and he in turn encourages her aspirations.

In the Time of Dragon Moon explores themes of identity, prejudice, and madness. With cunning characters and high stakes, this third installment is as delightful as the last.

Rating: 5/5


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