Spring Cleaning: Blogging Edition

If you regularly visit my blog, you may have noticed a few changes. I recently changed my header and my blog button. Since it is Spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment with new graphics. This means you might come to my blog and see a few awkward changes while I try to figure out exactly how I want to incorporate new images. So please excuse the temporary mess and thank you in advance for your patience!

11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Blogging Edition

    1. Thank you. I don’t mind at all. I’ve been using Canva. I believe it was Emily @ Books & Cleverness that mentioned it on her own blog some time ago. Now I’m obsessed, so be careful…before you know it it’s midnight and you have to get up early in the morning!

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        1. I literally had to limit myself to time spent on it. It probably doesn’t help if you are a bit of a perfectionist and how easy they make it so you can tweak your graphics. It’s taking me longer to get through my current read because I’m too busy messing with canva.

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        2. Right?! I haven’t picked up a book in like 3 days because of Canva! I love that you can log back in and make tweaks so easily, the site I was using before made you start from scratch each time. It’s addicting because now I want to change all of my graphics at once but I am going to limit myself to do it slowly over a period of time so I can actually have time to read and blog!

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        3. We’re both going to need an intervention soon! I’ve literally changed graphics for my book haul and discussions posts (including going through every single one of them individually) three times. Maybe four. I don’t know, I’ve lost count. I also have about ten different versions of my header saved on my computer. But I’ve gotten better, I think I’m satisfied. The only problem is how long before I want to make over the blog again?

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        4. Right? I need to slowly re-do all of the graphics for all of the memes/discussions I post, and then I know I’ll want to go back and update all of my OLD posts with the new graphics (I did this a few months ago when I updated my graphics but now I want to do it again!) I do have to say though that I’m really impressed with the quality and resolution of Canva’s images, they’re much better than the ones I’ve made on picmonkey

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