The Jolly Blogger Award

jollybloggerMaren @ The Worn Bookmark was very kind to nominate me for this Christmassy award and just in time for Christmas too. Here are the rules but since tomorrow is Christmas I’m going to post my answers and encourage anyone who wants to participate to answer them too.

The Rules:

Answer the twelve questions that have been left for me.
Create twelve new questions.
Nominate ten lovely bloggers!

1. What is on your Christmas Wish list?
Books. Gift cards. I’m not a complicated person and everyone knows I love books.

2. What would be the perfect Christmas?
Just a lovely day spent with my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, nephews, and niece.

3. What’s your favourite winter make-up look?
I don’t do anything special make-up wise for Christmas, but I do incorporate some red and green into the wardrobe.

4. Do you believe in Santa?
I believe that something very special happens at Christmas time.

5. What is your favourite Christmas food or drink?
I love sweets. Creampuffs, apple pie, cookies. Give them all to me.

6. Will you be travelling for Christmas, if so where?
Thankfully not far at all, Christmas traffic is no fun.

7. Would you prefer Christmas with or without snow?
I live in California, so I’ve never had a white Christmas. It would be quite the Christmas miracle if it did snow though!

8. Do you like eggnog?
I prefer some holiday hot chocolate.

9. What is your favourite winter clothing?
Coats and scarves. And mittens.

10. Do you leave Santa cookies, if so who eats them?
No, but if I ever do have kids, I will definitely be doing this.

11. What was the best gift you ever received?
I spent a year in South Korea and was able to come home for Christmas and spend the holiday with my family.

12. What is your favourite Christmas memory?

The above answer because I was away for several months and missed everyone dearly.


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