The Christmas Carol Book Tag

ChristmascarolbooktagI’ve been horrible with tags lately and since I was recently tagged for the Christmas Carol Book Tag, I’d thought I’d do it now before too much time passes and I forget. Special thanks to Lauren @ Always Me for tagging me for this festive post. It’s just the thing I need to get in the holiday spirit. The Christmas Carol Tag is all about answering questions that are based on famous (or infamous if you’re not a fan of Christmas music) Christmas songs and will most likely end with me having one of these songs stuck in my head all day.
1. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Name a villainous character you can’t help but love to hate.

Umbridge is by far the easiest villain to hate that I’ve come across. She makes the color pink and kittens look bad. And that’s saying something

2. All I Want For Christmas Is You – What book do you most want to find under your Christmas tree this year?

This is kind of cheating since I know this will actually be under the Christmas tree this year, but just because I know it will be does not make me want it any less: This Harry Potter box set.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Name a favorite character that had to overcome a major obstacle.  Why are they your favorite?

Ismae from Grave Mercy. Seeing as a curse by her father, she is given away to marriage to a man who has no problem hitting her like her father. Given a chance to flee this life, Ismae takes it, eventually becoming an assassin for Death himself. Oh, I love this book and I mention it because I’ve been itching to reread it for some time now.

4. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Which characters do you think are at the top of Santa’s “nice” and “naughty” list?

The first fictional character I think of when I think of someone who is kind and nice is Peeta Mellark; I also think of Luna Lovegood and Jane Bennet. The three of them could make anyone look bad. As for the “naughty” list, Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle is the kind of guy who would get into a lot of trouble and end up on the “naughty” list, but I’m pretty sure Santa would still bring him a present because you can’t help but love Ronan.

5. Frosty the Snowman – What book just melts your heart?

I’m not exactly a sentimental person and sometimes instead of feeling all fluttery about romance (books, movies, commercials), I’m often laughing. But I am all aflutter when it comes to Rae Carson’s The Crown of Embers and Juliet Marillier’s Heir to Sevenwaters. Hector and Cathal make me swoon.

6. Feliz Navidad – Your favorite book that takes place in a country other than you own

How about another planet? The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness is one of my favorite series and although I’m not a huge science-fiction reader, this series is all kinds of amazing.

7. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – What book do you read to get in the Christmas spirit?

There is something about the first Harry Potter book that makes me think of Christmas.

8. Sleigh Ride – What character would you most want to spend the holiday with?

I would be ever so happy to spend Christmas with the Weasleys.

9. Baby It’s Cold Outside – What book do you hate so much you’d sacrifice it to the fire to stay warm?

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I hate this book so much it borders on contempt. Also high (low?) on my heavily-disliked-but-that’s-putting-it-mildly list is Sara B. Larson’s Defy and Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland. I would have no problem burning those books.

10. Do You Hear What I Hear? – What book would you recommend to everyone?

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Seriously, this woman is a genius.

Tag, you’re it!  I tag anyone who is feeling in the holiday spirit. Have fun!

18 thoughts on “The Christmas Carol Book Tag

  1. Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea! I love all of you answers haha :)! The Raven Boys rocked and I hated Alice in Zombieland and Hush Hush too :o. Such a good idea!


  2. It seems like a lot of people are getting HP boxsets this year! (Me included haha) I love all of your answers. And I’ve just read The Raven Boys so I can feel your love for that book!


  3. I have to say that I enjoyed doing this tag. I want to thank you for posting it!
    I also had to say the Weasley’s Christmas….. They are just such a happy loving family. Who wouldn’t want to spend tie with them?


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