ARC Review: Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

Title: Suspicion
Author: Alexandra Monir
Series: N/A
**I received a copy of this book through NetGalley which does not affect my review**

Imogen has always been enchanted by Rockford Manor, home to her grandfather, the Duke of Wickersham. Each summer Imogen visits the beauteous estate where her cousin, Lucia, and her parents reside. But as lovely as this place is, it all becomes a nightmare when an accident takes both Imogen’s and Lucia’s parents’ lives. For the last seven years, Imogen, living in America far from the English manor, has tried her best to forget the unhappy memories of her childhood. But another accident involving her cousin leaves Imogen the next Duchess of Wickersham and she must return to Rockford Manor. As Imogen does her best to adjust to her new life and its responsibilities, she discovers that the manor holds many secrets that may explain just what happened to her parents all those years ago.

Alexandra Monir’s Suspicion is a reworking of Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, which I have never read and of which I have little knowledge, so my review will not touch on the similarities or differences. I found the first half of the novel to be more compelling than the second half, which probably isn’t saying much considering I spent the second half of the novel hoping it would improve or that I could find some redeem qualities. Imogen, though kind and sympathetic, is worried far too much about the boy she had a crush on as a child than on how her life is about to change because she is now a duchess. I found it hard to believe that a ten-year-old girl could develop such strong feelings for a boy that these feelings would continue to linger even after seven years with no contact.

The conflict and resolution of Suspicion is tied up in the mysterious death of Imogen’s cousin, Lucia, the problem with this is that her death is regarded as an accident for most of the novel. The lack of development concerning this storyline made the final resolution at the end anticlimactic. There were a few other elements that are meant to shock the reader, but had me shaking my head because I just couldn’t buy into its plausibility. The romance in the novel came about far too quickly and at times left me feeling a little uncomfortable as Imogen’s love interest, Sebastian, had been dating her cousin before her death.

Alexandra Monir’s Suspicion felt very disappointing as it failed to draw me in with either its characters or plot.

Rating: 1/5


10 thoughts on “ARC Review: Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

  1. Awww, so sorry you didn’t enjoy Suspicion. 😦 I had high hopes that this one would be really good! The premise sounded so amazing, and when it doesn’t deliver, it’s extra disappointing. I haven’t read Rebecca either, but sometimes I think this can be a actually be a good thing 🙂 With so many awesome books out there now, I might skip this one for a little while. The rushed romance is really off-putting, and if I was told I was a duchess I’d imagine I would be freaking out, not obsessing over a boy! Shame really, I love the cover! Hope your next read is much better!


  2. I have this title waiting for me on NetGalley so I didn’t read your whole review because I don’t want to get spoiled at all (or read something in your review that I forget I read somewhere else and use it in my review and then erroneously claim the brilliance as my own), but I’m disappointed that this was only a one star read for you! 😦

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