Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Title: Dorothy Must Die
Author: Danielle Paige
Series: Dorothy Must Die, #1

Amy Gumm has been an outsider her whole life and her mother, the one person she is supposed to be able to count on, has mentally checked out. Amy just wishes to be anywhere but Kansas. She’s about to get her wish when a tornado whisks her and her trailer away. Now Amy finds herself in the land of Oz, but this isn’t the Oz from the movie. Here a war is being waged against Dorothy, who has usurped the throne and now rules Oz with an iron fist. Amy is forced to become a weapon for the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked who live by one single motto…Dorothy must die.

“The golden path led all the way up to the ravine and then dropped off into nothingness. In the other direction, it wound its way through the field and spiraled into the horizon.

It was a road.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me.'”

Amy immediately sucked me into her story. Feeling out of place in her own life, she has no one to ground her, so when she is swept into another world I think she finds it to be a bit of a relief. While in Oz, Amy must try to understand who she is before she can harness the power inside her. To help her on her journey is the wise Gert and the infuriating Nox. These relationships, though interesting, moved a little too quickly. It wasn’t insta-love between Amy and Nox, but Amy’s interest in him came about almost immediately. At the same time the story itself felt a little slow but I think this is because Amy was kept out of the loop with regard to the ultimate plan of taking out Dorothy. Unfortunately, because of this, much of the storyline lacked a clear direction.

Many will enjoy the unique world Danielle Paige creates, taking icon characters like the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and altering them into something much darker and eviler than we remember. Because of the story’s pacing, I didn’t find the book as engaging as I’d hoped. The story I was looking forward to, after reading the back cover of the book, did not really develop until the very end. But I have a feeling the second book in the series will have better direction since we know what to expect going forward. The most intriguing part of Dorothy Must Die was the fact that Good and Wicked meant very little. Each character had ambiguous motivations and you’re never sure who Amy can trust.

Rating: 3/5


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