Kernels of Nonsense, #1: Book Buying Addiction

Kernels of Nonsense (2)Kernels of Nonsense is a new feature on my blog in which I convince you, the reader, that I, the blogger, am completely nonsensical by ranting about book-related topics. I’ll discuss a new topic every Sunday, barring any obstacles life might throw my way. Let’s dive right in. As always, feel free to comment.

The struggle is real.

If you’re a bookworm, you probably know how difficult it is to say no to buying a new book. You probably know how difficult it is to say no to buying an old book too. As I’m writing this, I’m browsing for books on my tablet. But this month I’ve vowed to rein in my book buying tendencies (which you will see evidence of in my July Book Haul post). I’ve actually done really well. I’ve only bought one new book this month and a few used ones for $1 each.

I’m actually quite a frugal person. I get heart palpitations every time I have to buy something really expensive–no matter how much I might need it. I bargain shop; I don’t settle. Just a month ago I was on the hunt for a new comforter for my bed and went to no less than seven different stores (I did not look online because those pictures can be misleading and if I’m going to spend money on something I’m going to be staring at every day, I want a guarantee I’m getting what I’m paying for). I visited a couple of these stores twice, and walked out of one with a comforter…only to turn around in the parking lot and return it (true story, try not to judge).

But when it comes to books, I have little self-control. Okay, I’m not completely bereft of self-control, but sometimes even I judge myself, wondering what in the world I was thinking. I have quite a few books on my shelf that I haven’t gotten to yet and a library holds list as long as my arm. So why do I still want to buy more books?

I’m writing about this because for the past two weeks I’ve had this inner struggle with myself. The urge is great, but I keep telling myself no. Currently there is a book in my book depository cart that I’ve been resisting the urge to follow through with. It shouldn’t be this hard for my sensible side to be heard. So why is it so difficult? Am I the only one who struggles with these urges? Is there an anonymous group I can join that will help keep me accountable? Am I thinking too hard about this and thus convincing the online world I’m mad?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the struggle is real.

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5 thoughts on “Kernels of Nonsense, #1: Book Buying Addiction

    • Yes, whether it’s a ebook or physical book, buying online is so easy it’s hard to say no. And with ebooks, it’s a matter of saying no to instant gratification. No one ever said no to that.


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  2. I used to shamelessly buy whatever I wanted, for whatever reason: cover, summary, just because. College broke me of that. But it helps if you have something big you’re saving for. I want to backpack through Great Britain after I graduate and since that takes more than a pretty penny, I can’t go spending $50 on books every month, because that adds up fast which means money that I won’t have for backpacking. So for me, it helps to know that even though I didn’t get to satisfy my book buying urge, it’ll help me in the long run.

    Fantastic post! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

    Amelia | The Authoress


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