The Falconer by Elizabeth May

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Title: The Falconer
Author: Elizabeth May
Series: The Falconer, #1

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Aileana Kameron’s mother’s death has left her reputation in a state of disrepair. There are whispers that she may be responsible; they call her mad, murderess, monster. But Aileana is far more lethal than the rumors allege. Aided by her Fae mentor, Kiaran MacKay, Aileana has been tasked to hunted down and slay the most deadly of Fae who managed to escape a fate that has entrapped their kind years ago. But now the faeries who’ve been condemned to the lowest recesses of the earth are breaking free and only Aileana, the last Falconer, can stop them.

“I’m filled with a familiar rush of excitement as the faery snarls again. My heart pumps faster. My blood rushes and my cheeks burn.

‘Aye, that’s it,’ I whisper. ‘Take me instead.’

The faery leaps forward.”

Consumed with rage over the murder of her mother, Aileana has leaped wholeheartedly into the battle against faeries, in hopes that one day she will be prepared to avenge her mother’s death. What makes Aileana an interesting character is this all-consuming anger, which she believes will help her fight, but which prevents her from truly mourning her mother’s death. She has swallowed her grief and has been waiting to unleash it on the Fae who murdered her mother and cannot see that this grief is choking her. The social pressures placed on her are just another circumstance she must contest with, but despite it all, Aileana keeps moving forward and I admire this strength.

Aileana’s relationship with her mentor Kiaran is filled with so much tension I imagine if it was represented by a stringed instrument, it would have snapped by now. Here are two characters each with their own hang-ups that cannot seem to meet one another in the middle. What I liked about them the most is their constant need to push and challenge each other, and whether they see it or not, they need one another. It will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves in the next installment and I’m eager to learn more about Kiaran’s mysterious past.

I had a lot of fun reading Elizabeth May’s debut novel. From the playful banter to the steampunk technology (Victorian-era Scotland with a few flying machines thrown in), and a great female protagonist (girl carries a pistol, so she automatically gets my vote), The Falconer has much to offer readers.

Rating: 4/5


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