The Unknown Sun by Cheryl S. Mackey

The Unknown Sun by Cheryl S. Mackey

Title: The Unknown Sun
Author: Cheryl S. Mackey
Series: The Destiny Series, #1
**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Moira feels cursed. Having lost her family in two separate accidents, Moira is the subject of endless whispers because of the way she miraculously survived both incidents. She spends most of her time alone, hiding from the world, hoping to disappear from anyone’s notice. But Moira’s life is turned upside down when she is brutally attacked and a pair of winged guardians swoop in to rescue her. Airi and Belamar are from another world called Skyfall and soon Moira discovers that their destinies are intertwined, for she may be the only one who can save their dying planet.

“The lights flicker, then slam everything into darkness. Startled, I crash to the wooden floor with a cry.

‘It’s a pity humans are afraid of the dark.'”

There are times when you pick up a book and begin reading it, only to realize that the book isn’t exactly for you. This is what happened when I picked up The Unknown Sun. I felt that there wasn’t enough development in the beginning of the book before we are suddenly thrown into the story’s conflict. The connection between Moira and Belamar develops too instantaneously and the ease at which they interact, despite Moira being thrust into a different world, felt entirely unnatural.

Moira struggles with confidence and loneliness. There are times when she seems to be making progress, but then she would beat herself down. Moira plays the damsel in distress too often, flinging herself into Belamar’s arms on far too many occasions. I would have liked to have seen Moira stand up more on her own than have to constantly look for validation from Belamar or anyone else.

Rating: 1/5


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