Cassia: Know My Name by Juliet Pierce

Cassia Know My Name by Juliet Pierce

Title: Cassia: Know My Name
Author: Juliet Pierce
Series: The Cassia Trilogy, #1
**I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Cassia Auticus has spent her entire life in the dungeons of the Balkan castle. Her people, once flourishing in the city of Regenesis, have become little more than prisoners of the ruthless kingdom. Fearing a fate worse than death, Cassia’s mother has disguised her daughter as a boy, hoping to save her. But when Cassia, along with the other boys her age, is called to the front lines, she must go or be forced to reveal her true identity. As Cassia is led into the mysterious concrete city of Regenesis, she’ll discover that her people are no ordinary prisoners and she is no ordinary girl.

“I manage a small scream before a rough hand is clamped over my mouth. I try to kick, but the man holding me is too strong. He starts backing me into the woods when I see Gildon crashing through the trees.

I dropped to the ground as Gildon rushes to the man with his sword drawn.”

Cassia: Know My Name has potential. The story is interesting and Cassia, the protagonist, is a blank-slate waiting to be made into something great. But the book needs some work. The sentence structure can be a little awkward at times and there were places where I felt as a reader, I was being told how someone felt rather being shown it.

I would like to know more about Jericho and Fina as both characters undergo shifts in temperament. Jericho starts off as someone sympathetic to Cassia’s plight, but as the story unfolds these generous feelings give way to anxiousness. Cassia, though quiet and unassuming, draws others to her, including Gildon, the Prince of Balka, and Jericho will do anything to sever this connection. Fina has a complicated history with Cassia’s family, but the motivation behind her resolve is unknown. I would have liked to have read more about her past.

Gildon is young and that youth is never more apparent than when he makes a decision that cost people’s lives. He is wholly unprepared for the consequences and one of the marks of a great leader is accepting that not every decision will end well for everyone. I for one am more intrigued by the character Dolph. He seems so determined to serve the mysterious Regents, but I want to know if this loyalty is based solely on his relationship with their leader. Does he too feel the sting of the current king’s reign or is he simply following orders? There were times when I felt Cassia was too passive and while I understand her upbringing to have something to do with this, I wanted to see more growth in her character. For example, I hoped that by the end of the book Cassia would be driven more by her need to help the people of Regenesis than the desire to be free.

Rating: 2/5


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