Favorite Childhood Movies

favmovRecently I came across The Baby-Sitter’s Club movie on Netflix and had no choice but to watch it. Ah, the memories. So I decided it would be fun to take a look at the movies from my childhood that I remember most fondly. I tried to limit my picks to ten, but the list took on a life of its own, but I had enough self-control to cut myself off at fifteen. I must add that I experienced a good amount of nostalgia while making this list.

1. The Baby-Sitter’s Club

I remember being so happy when my grandma bought me this. And yes, even then I knew the relationship between Stacey and Luca was totally inappropriate.

2. Harriet the Spy

I actually own this movie and still love it. Harriet just got me like no other protagonist. I practically was her. I even bought those notebooks. I still buy them.


3. 3 Ninjas

My younger brother and I loved to watch this movie so much, I can’t count the number of times we watched it. Colt was my favorite. What can I say, I was always drawn to the troubled kid.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I fear the remake. Favorite ninja turtle: Rafael, of course, he had a lot of anger in him and it just made my little heart swell.


5. The Sandlot

Whenever I need an instant dose of nostalgia, I look no further than The Sandlot. This movie is a classic through and through. You’re killing me, Smalls.

6. The Mighty Ducks

This is a great movie, and even though I say that about all these movies, I really mean this is a great movie. I feel inspired just thinking about it.


7. Now and Then

A movie focused on a group of girlfriends. Some eager to grow up, others hoping to stay a kid. I think I wore out the VHS tape this was on.

8. The Lion King
You will never convince me that there is a greater Disney movie.



9. Tom and Huck

Because my list would not be complete without a JTT movie. I had a friend who kept a picture of him under her pillow and she’d kiss it every night before bed.

10. Hocus Pocus

This movie usually comes on television around Halloween and I always end up watching it. Binx was my favorite, of course.


11. A Little Princess

Every little girl needs to watch this movie because every girl should know she’s a princess. That scene near the end when Sara’s shouting for her papa and being pulled away…it gets me every time.

12. The Secret Garden

I always thought Mary was a bit of a brat, but this movie had its own brand of magic.


13. Casper

Can I keep you?



14. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I played this with my neighbors all the time. Excuse me while I morph. Sabertooth Tiger.


15. Matilda

Because after seeing this movie I closed my eyes and tried to move objects with my mind.






Do you see any of your childhood favorites on my list? Share your favorites in the comment section.

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