Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Title: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles, #3

As the marriage union between Queen Levana, ruler of Luna, and Emperor Kaito, leader of the Eastern Commonwealth, approaches Cinder and her friends race to find a way to survive being hunted by the evil queen and stop the impending nuptials. The group begins to suspect that the forced marriage is only a prelude to a nefarious plan to bring all of Earth under Levana’s rule. When the crew aboard the Rampion attempts to connect with Cress, a new ally on a lone satellite, everything goes awry and the group is separated. Now Cinder must continue to press on and accept who she really is if there is any hope for saving both Earth and reclaiming her rightful place on Luna.

“Though Cress screamed and kicked, Sybil managed to drag her all the way back to the satellite’s main room, tossing her like a bag of broken android parts on the floor.

The door shut behind them, dividing her from the exit, from her freedom, and with its familiar clang she knew.

She would never be free.”

Like Cinder and Scarlet, Marissa Meyer takes a fairytale protagonist and reintroduces her in her Lunar Chronicles series. Cress, like Rapunzel, has been trapped in a tower-like cage for years. Forced to be the eyes and ears of one of Queen Levana’s right-hand women, Cress has been isolated from any real contact for seven years. In order to survive this lonely life, she finds comfort in her many fantasies. One of these fantasies includes being swept off her feet by the dashing Captain Carswell Thorne. When she finally meets him, all her grand ideas go out the window. I loved seeing how the sweet and innocent Cress dealt with being thrust into a world entirely alien to her. I think this book functions as an introduction into her character rather than one solely focused on her. She has a lot to learn and though she may not seem as strong as the other two female protagonists, I think she has a lot to offer and look forward to seeing her character grow even more in the next book.

Cress also serves to bring a secondary character to the forefront: Carswell Thorne. The sometimes arrogant, often irresistible, fugitive pilot is forced into a challenging situation. While once upon a time, Thorne might have taken advantage of the fact that a young beautiful woman was in love with him, with Cress he is different. At the end of their journey, he’s incredibly protective of her and though he doesn’t think there is anything to himself but selfishness, this new relationship proves otherwise.

Since finding out who she really is, Cinder has been struggling to accept her past and the future that seems imminent. She never expected to have the entire world thrust upon her shoulders and in Cress it seems she’s finally accepted that stopping Levana hinges on accepting she is the only person capable of doing so. This third book gives us a brief introduction to Princess Winter, who will be the focus of the next book in the series, and I’m extremely intrigued by her and am excited for Marissa Meyer’s next book.

Rating: 4/5


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