Book Haul: March Book Madness

Book Haul (1)Because I have little to no self-control, these are the books I’ve bought so far this month, and it’s only the 16th!


Some of these books I’ve already read and am finally buying a copy of, others I simply couldn’t resist, and still others I must have more than one copy of. I’m an addict I tell you!

IMG_20140316_165121Only $1 each at my library bookstore!

IMG_20140316_165113A book to make me cry…again…

A book concluding an incredibly enjoyable trilogy…

A book that’s just been released and been getting great reviews…

The second book in a series which I’ve been waiting for…

IMG_20140316_165056Another copy of a Jane Austen novel…for only $3…

Beautiful copy of my favorite book Pride and Prejudice

Well, this one was a no brainer…

Really, if you look at it, I’ve made some really good choices. Yeah…now to convince my wallet of it.

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