Stung by Bethany Wiggins

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

Title: Stung
Author: Bethany Wiggins
Series: Stung, #1

Fiona Tarsis wakes up to a dilapidated home with no sign of her family anywhere. The mysterious tattoo on her right hand she can’t remember receiving echoes some faint warning of danger. Fiona finds herself in a world far different from the one she remembers.

In an attempt to prevent the extinction of bees, the government genetically modified the insects, but their stings caused a wide-spread sickness, resulting in a flu-like epidemic. A vaccine is concocted in an effort to end this new crisis, unfortunately the side-effects proved more costly than the illness. Those injected with the vaccine began exhibiting a feral savagery. A wall was built around a safe-haven to protect future generations. Several groups are on the hunt for these beast-like people and Fiona finds herself marked as one.

“As I jump out the window, fingers slip over my neck, gouge into my cheek, and clamp down on my long, tangled hair. Fire lines my scalp as the skin pulls taut against my skull. I hang with my feet just above the balcony and flail, dangling by my hair.”

According to the author, if society collapsed all men would basically be nothing more than sexually-driven animals with no moral bounds to stave their cravings. The only explanation for this carnal and abased world where it isn’t safe to be a woman is the low female population, which in itself is not explained but just thrown out there like it is supposed to explain everything. So, no women=salacious men hunting down anything with breasts for the sake of their own sexual gratification despite the fact that she may very well have the capacity to rip them to pieces with her bare hands.

I’m really confused about how I’m supposed to view Fiona. The girl wakes up and remembers that she’s thirteen even though her body clearly says she’s older. Am I then to view this girl as a thirteen-year old in a seventeen-year old’s body? If not, then shouldn’t there be a time period where she mentally matures and catches up to her body? This is a problem, especially when she begins to have feelings for Bowen, her protector.

Her relationship with the aforementioned individual is both swift and kind of creepy if you factor in Fiona’s mental age. This is ironic because Bowen says it made him uncomfortable when men looked at twelve, thirteen, fourteen-year old’s as potential brides. I also found myself laughing at the over-the-top sentimental words coming out of this guy’s mouth. In fact I laughed quite a bit while reading Stung, which is not a good sign when it isn’t supposed to be a comedy.

Rating: 1/5

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