Dark Star by Bethany Frenette

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette

Title: Dark Star
Author: Bethany Frenette
Series: Dark Star, #1

It’s difficult to call your life normal when you’ve grown up with a mom who roams the streets at night, looking for bad guys to pummel. To the city of Minneapolis, the superhero Morning Star, is clouded in mystery, but to Audrey Whitticomb, she’s just mom. Only her best friend, Gideon, knows the truth. But when girls start disappearing, Audrey has more problems than keeping her mom’s secret under wraps.

When Audrey accidentally interrupts an attack on her friend Tink, she discovers that her mother isn’t what she thought–because it isn’t supervillians her mother is battling, but demons. Morning Star is no superhero. She is a Guardian–part of the Kin–called to protect the world from Harrowers, malevolent beings from Beneath. Now girls are showing up dead and Audrey finds herself caught in the middle.

“I had known fear before. Small, irrational fears–of spiders, of falling, of dark water…But I’d never felt fear like this. This was bone-deep. It filled my body, closing my throat. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I wanted to call out for my mother, but my voice wouldn’t obey me…The flash of silver blurred past me. Something sliced across my ankles. My legs buckled. I tumbled forward.”

I am absolutely in love with Dark Star. Audrey is impulsive and snarky, but she’s also funny and courageous. After learning the truth, she starts off exhibiting a high level of self-preservation, but as the novel progresses her inability to stand on the sidelines is both reckless and admirable. This is both frustrating for her mother and Leon, her mom’s exasperating sidekick, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to point out just how thoughtless he thinks Audrey can be.

The tension between Audrey and Leon is flat-out adorable at times. I found myself either highly amused or smiling like an idiot. Leon can be extremely hard on Audrey, but it’s more of a defensive reaction because he cares about her and it’s easier for him to be angry than afraid. Audrey, on the other hand, is pretty clueless and thinks Leon’s criticisms are just a way for him to say she’s an incompetent, naive kid.

I loved how the relationship between Audrey and her mom drove most of the book. Audrey wants to be like her mom and her mom would like nothing more than to protect her daughter from the Guardian part of her life. It’s hard for any daughter to see her mother as anything but her mother. But Frenette makes it a point for Audrey to see that her mother was once a teenager like her, who had the world thrust upon her shoulders and bent to the pressure but did not break.

The second book, Burn Bright, in the Dark Star series comes out this coming Tuesday and though I tend to hoard new books for awhile before I read them, rereading Dark Star might have made it impossible for me to wait.

Rating: 5/5



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